Saturday, June 5, 2010

Canoeing Harrison Lake

Harrison Lake is big. It's the biggest lake in British Columbia. Some say British Columbia is just an island in the Harrison Lake system. There's yachts and house boats and some fair sized sailboats cruising the lake. Little tugboats contribute to the logging work going on at the north end. The Harrison Hot Springs spa has its own docks and a variety of boats, paddle boats, canoes, fishing boats and some guide boats. The float plane public dock is just one dock over. Around the other end of the town is Killer Cove Marina and Harrison Lake Marina. There's a lot of boats there too.

Today there was a clipper canoe. I mounted the 4 hp Yamaha outboard to it's transom. Laura, Gilbert and I made the inaugural trip from Rendall Park beach in front of Bungalow Motel to the public dock in front of Harrison Hot Springs Hotel. It was a very iffy thing. I felt like we were going to tip most of the way but acted nonchalant for Laura's sake. She was screaming hysterically and the dog was yelping. I didn't want to interrupt them as I gunned the engine full open throttle in hope of getting us closer to land for the rescue parties. We could have walked the distance comfortably with less blood pressure damage to heart and cerebral aneurysms.

I calmed Laura down by buying her some beaded First Nations moccasins with White man petroleum product soles.

Gilbert was satisfied with sniffing some strange dogs bum while I remembered what made the canoe so tippy. Being a good sport Laura sat in the middle of the canoe when we returned after having a couple of Cappucino's from Harrison's Hot Springs Hotel. Meris, her name means 'sea princess', served me. With our new seating arrangement we literally soared under power.

Off we went to the island in the middle of Harrison Lake. I've looked at it for years wondering how I'd ever get over there. Now I had the means. We landed the canoe in a rocky inlet. I'd planned to just take the island in the name of myself, putting up a tshirt as flag and using all the natural resources for my future self aggrandizement. Unfortunately I noticed there were cabins on the smaller islands with signs 'no trespassing'. This means I'll have to get the British, Americans or some Asian country to back me so I can return and wipe out all the inhabitants and take the islands for my own use.

Laura meanwhile was basking in the hot sun and having no such thoughts. Back in the canoe I tried catching fish with rod and reel but figured I should have brought a seine net. I've about as much patience with fishing these days as Kirk Laidlaw ever had. A stick of dynamite would have made the whole affair more appealing. Meanwhile Laura was basking in the sun and Gilbert was sleeping in the canoe beside her. I felt betrayed by Gilbert. He normally doesn't have peaceful thoughts but he was up there with Laura wallowing in contentment.

Finally I drove the canoe back across the lake and by the marinas keeping my speed under 5 knots so as not to create tsunami wakes. People were appreciative. I beached the canoe. An amazing day. We didn't drown. I had the motor off and back in the truck. Then I carried the canoe on my shoulders to mount it on the cab of the truck.

Now I'm waiting for Laura to put on the steaks I caught with my wallet at Superstore. I think I've had enough sun and excitement for one day. I may yet take the baths but sitting in the sun on the veranda reading, blogging and eating almond nuts and crackers and cheese Laura has brought out hasn't motivated me to move much. Gilbert has shown an appreciate for walnuts and cheese. He doesn't care for crackers.

Just another dog day canoeing on Harrison Lake.

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