Tuesday, June 8, 2010

From Paris with Love

John Travolta is an American 007. This is another thinking man's Swordfish. A regular Vin Diesel-Bruce Willis-Mel Gibson-Clint Eastwood type action film. The very best kind! Jonathan Rhys Meyers plays a classic newby side kick . I loved this film. Great writing by Luc Beeson and Adi Hassak tying drugs, espionage and terrorism all together with a very sexy ribbon. Kasia Smutniak is terrific. Director Pierre Morel is truly amazing. It just came out on Shaw TV and DVD. It could only have been better if I'd seen it at the movies.


Ron said...

I haven't saw this movie yet :(! I were in a Paris hop on hop off bus tour during movie's filming! I hope i will compair in the movie :)!
P.S. I'm italian: sorry my english!

SEO said...

Yes I also were there! What a coincidence! I didn't took a bus instead of that I was doing a really nice Paris sightseeing tours which I really recommend.

Anyway, about Travolta I trully believe that he was better dancer than actor. Anyone agreed??