Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Horseman

Last night Laura and I watched a trite and frivolous movie called, From Rome with Love. That was definitely a chick flick. "The Horseman," Laura said, "is definitely not a chick flick." It's raw violence with the feeling one gets watching a bloody heavy weight title boxing match. It's an Australian movie and very un-American. The pansy American's are forever using bigger machine guns and missile launchers in their vigilante movies. The good ole days of Charles Bronson are replaced with arsenals of weapons to make up for the obvious decline in manhood. Not this Australian killer. It's big on fists, knives and ballpeen hammers. It's definitely weak on guns. In fact the gun isn't considered very manly. Why use a gun when a lead pipe has so much better action.

That said, the movie's other redeeming bit is that it's probably the best expose of the porn business since Nicholas Cage's 9 mm. Today's business makes Playboy look like approved elementary school viewing in comparison. Not a pretty movie. Not a pretty subject. It's directed and written by Steven Kastrissios, starring Peter Marshall and Caroline Marohasy


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