Saturday, December 21, 2013

Winter River Walk

The snow has made the winter real.  Walking is a slippery sliding squishing affair.  The leaves of trees are gone and great open spaces appear where memory says there never was. I can see the train passing now.  I couldn't see this in spring.  I love the ducks in the winter and can see them fly further without the foliage in the trees.
Gilbert runs about joyfully. It's a long walk but maybe only an hour or so.  I remember when injuries didn't let me walk for 15 minutes.  I'm thankful for healing. I'm glad I'm still in some semblance of shape.
Talked with a couple in their 60's.  They'd liquidated and were travelling the world, living in hostels, not eating out,  going on the cheap, hiking. Europeans. Adventurous.  Not something I associate so much with Canadians or Americans.  Yet friends winter in asia and some others are in Mexico.
Maybe the mainstream is sedentary but the outliers aren't.  My friend George gave me the latest book by the author of Outliers.  I look forward to a good read.  Now I'd just like to lie on the couch and watch a detective show.  I'd like to hike along the old pilgrimage paths in England.  I don't think they take dogs in hostels.  Gilbert is a luxury consideration.
I like my Keystone RV.  There's a lot of places I'd like to go with this.  Canadian lakes and parks are a wonderful world of outdoors and fine people.  I'll have a motorcycle in the back of this toy hauler and a canoe at very least. Just wish I could take  the boat and motor along.  Now I wonder if I could get a rack in the truck?  I certainly have everything I could want right here.  And I like the idea of a moveable home.
My dream was always to arrange my life so I'd be three months in the south in winter and the rest of the year in Canada's wilderness.  Don't know if I'll ever achieve that or I'll just come to enjoy winter again. I'm not minding the snow so much this year, even thinking of skiing, something I've not even considered for several years.  The idea of going to the cold was simply unappealing but now with friends in Whistler I'm thinking maybe. Mostly though, ski areas don't accept dogs so as always I must consider my pal first.  I like best people and places who like dogs.
This winter river dog walk is just that sort of place.
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