Saturday, December 28, 2013

Upper Canada Village - Morrisburg

First my brother showed me the Lighthouse where the Battle of the Windmill took place. It was 1812.  First go the Americans came across the St. Lawrence and attacked Canada, and next Canada kicked America's ass.  Ron takes pictures of the reenactments in this area.  We were here to see the lights of the Upper Canada Village.  The parking lot was packed.  It was worth the hour and a quarter drive from Ottawa.  I loved it. Gilbert got to come along, on leash.  He met several other well behaved dogs.  Adell and I sang Christmas carols in a very old church.  Ron took more pictures. I took some pictures.  We only found out as we were leaving where we could have got on the horse sled rides.  Another time.  I missed riding an elephant in Cambodia and now I've just missed a sleigh ride so pretty soon I'm going to have a great ride. It's something that I feel is building.  Adell took a picture of me with Gilbert in front of the Doctor's house. I took a picture of her in front of the School house.  Upper Canada Village was awesome.  IMG 2311

IMG 2313

IMG 2318

IMG 2316

IMG 2320

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IMG 2332

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