Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sylvia Hotel, Vancouver

With this cold snap in Vancouver, my place is particularly drafty,  but when I woke with the sniffles and the water line frozen I thought I needed a night of comfort.
That's where Sylvia Hotel came in.  Located on English Bay with underground parking, Pet friendly and with great room service.  My competent assistant,Hannah, had Gilbert and I booked in mere minutes after I asked.
It's been years since I've stayed at the Sylvia but I've sure enjoyed the fine dining in their famous Sylvia's restaurant in the interim. I love that Errol Flynn dined here.
The room was perfect.  Great cable tv.  After an overdue long hot shower, I had the Okanagan chicken while Gilbert had a well done burger. The chef is definitely one of the best.
Well fed we both watched a superhero movie before falling off to sleep television still on. I can't remember the last time that happened. I was that tired. Jetlag after Asia has had me missing sleep.  I awoke at midnight, just long enough to walk Gilbert on the beach just outside the door.  Sylvia Hotel's location on English Bay has Stanley Park, a short walk and all the restaurants and shops of Denman around the corner.
Gilbert loved a new territory to mark and I was ready with a doggy bag.  Back in the room, this big comfortable bed, gave me another 7 hours of glorious sleep.
I'm so glad Mr. Goldstein, in 1912, decided to honour his daughter, Sylvia, with this hotel, named after her. I'm also glad the management has maintained the heritage flavour but ensured modernity with wifi and amenities continue to make this hotel inviting to my computer generation.
Already this morning room service has brought me a feast in the English Bay breakfast while Gilbert enjoyed a side of sausage. I've been watching Chuck Connors Rifleman on the Saturday morning cowboy channel.  It doesn't get much better.
Feeling the way I do in the comfort and care of Sylvia Hotel, I can well understand why Howard Hughes chose to live his latter life in Vancouver hotel.

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Anne Lindsay said...

Ivan and I always stayed at the Sylvia on opera nights. We'd get in early. Have a nap. Dress, opera, dinner than crash at the Sylvia. Breakfast in the morning, a walk along the sea front and the drive back. I love the Sylvia.

vivian said...

Clio took me there for Mother's Day brunch twice! They do a wonderful breakfast buffet :)