Sunday, December 8, 2013

Keystone RV Energy Toyhauler 300FS 2013

Yesterday I traded my 2011 Rockwood RV in for a toy hauler.
My new to me , 2013,  Keystone Energy 300FS has a garage sufficient to carry my Harley and a quad as well. When the toys are not inside there's couches and extra beds.  I might even be able to add a small washer driver in this space.  The other addition is a built in gas station with 40 gallon capacity. I won't have to carry jerry cans any more.  This one has a built in solar panel so I won't have to carry one and go to the trouble of setting up.  This solar panel lives on the roof and keeps the batteries topped up.
Finally, importantly it has a built in generator so I won't have to carry a generator. Carrying my generator always had a problem with setting off my sensors and waking me in the middle of the night.   Further the generator runs off the fuel supply with pump I can also use for filling the motorcycle or quad.  There's also a heated floor.
The garage is separate from the living room and the bedroom is separated from this too. Its about twice the capacity of water as my mini lite but also twice the weight almost and 4 feet longer. It is heavier built too for use on gravel roads. I've an equalizer bar but still it will be more  of a load. My truck can handle it , though I have another learning curve experience.
I can also carry a canoe in this so it's solved the problem of where to 'store' things as well.  I was paying storage costs for everything.  The least expense is the RV storage and it doesn't change whatever is inside.
Since mine was second hand and this had a year wear, the difference was less than if I was upgrading to a new one, affordable with built in on going savings.
Gilbert approves and if all goes well with transfer and paperwork I should be in it later this week. I figure it's my Christmas present to myself.

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