Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas with Family, Friends and Gilbert, Ottawa

Merry Christmas!  Graeme was up at 5:30 am ready to open presents. Andrew slept in. Tanya got Andrew here in the morning. I had coffee with Adell's sexy Bosch Tossimo coffee machine.  Gilbert ran outside for a quick piddle in the snow and came back as fast, glad to return to the heat of indoors.  Ron played guitar.
Graeme and I had the first of the cake and fruit Adell had prepared for breakfast. Yesterday it was bacon and egg sandwiches. From my point of view, the very best bed and breakfast experience. Allan appeared with Erica. She'd driven in from the United States.  Allan wore an Alcatraz psycho ward t shirt his brother Graeme had bought him.  Andrew arrived with Tanaya.  They're getting married in a few months. She has her dress. I heard the ladies talking about this.
Gilbert had everyone throwing the ball for him. Natasha and Asha would join us. Asha grew up on a BC lighthouse ofg the west coast an hour by helicopter.  Eventually thanks to Graeme's  management training in advanced engineering, we all got settled in to present opening.  Ron's distraction was a guitar finger strengthening athletic instrument.  Adell had guitar lessons. The two of them, long time musical adepts, have taken up guitars this year. Ron's been playing a tune he played on the ukule when he was 16.  Adelle was the soprano for her church.
Tanya got soft moose pyjamas she insisted she'd never take off. All the boys had scottish buckles which we'll wear for the wedding when we'll be wearing Hay Hunting tartan kilts.  There were books, earrings, necklaces, celtic socks, money, chocolates, computer games, electronics and all that sort of gifting that goes with Christmas.  I was happy to put my new poetry book, Love between the Sacred and Profane in the stockings. It's either a reflection on my poetry or the love of family but everyone was pleased.   Gilbert got 3 different balls and a squeaky toy  as well as a parka.  There were funny hats and toilet rolls. Apparently toilet rolls conceal what is really inside the wrapping and of course everyone needs toilet rolls. Ron got an apple magic which he proceeded to use on the potatoes.
Far better outfitted for our cold walk, Gilbert in parka and me in a smart wool sweater under my jacket we enjoyed hiking about the neighbourhood .
For dinner Malvine and Velma arrived.  Adell's turkey was incredible. Gilbert loved his under the table experience to the max.  There was mashed potatoes and gravy.  Mariah Carey sang Christmas carols in the back ground. Blueberry cobbler and ice cream made a perfect desert.  Gilbert helped Graeme, Andrew and Allan clean up the plates after the meal.
Andrew beat me at billiards.  Graeme tried to set up a movie shot of Gilbert running across the snow. Gilbert went through the crust on the top of snow.  I think he didn't like the experience of hauling his bare little belly out of the hole he'd created. After that refused to take further direction even though tempted by ball.
We all listened the Queen's moving message this Christmas day.  I wore a cowboy shirt like the one Jeff Golblom wore in Buccaroo Bonzai.  All the guys and Tanya had already been to see Ender's Game and loved it.Tanya is a Dr. Who fan.
Allan talked about his thesis in psychology and Graeme talked about the latest movie he's made.  They are the finest men surrounded by the finest of women.  Ron and Adell are amazing parents. I'm blessed to have such a remarkable brother and sister in law with their amazing family.
 Gilbert thinks this is the best place in the world for a dog.

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