Monday, December 30, 2013

Assassination Games - Movie

Assassination Games, directed by Ernie Barbarash and written by Aaron Rahsaan Thomas, is a European action thriller intensely captivating.  Something about the light and filming and focus, but it had me in the faces and the people from beginning to end. Jean-Claude Van Damme playing assassin Vincent Brazil and Scott Adkins playing assassin Roland Flint are superb individually but make a magnificent duo when pitted against the formidable crime lord, Polo Yakur, played demonically by Ivan Kaye.  Marija Karan plays October though her youth and the purity of the impure is springlike even in winter.  I loved the invalid Culley, played by Kevin Chapman but especially loved Andrew French’s portrayal of Nalbandian, the key executive in the assassin “service industry’.  Valentin Teodosiu is also excellent. Indeed everyone’s acting was flawless. The characterization and play was Casablanca tight.  I loved it.  Jean Claude Van Damme just gets better and better, his development as an actor reminding me of Clint Eastwoods progression from the original classic spagetti westerns to the brilliance of his latest movies.  

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