Thursday, December 19, 2013

Cosmetic Food Industry

The latest research from John Hopkins University on the "health food industry" was reported yesterday on CBC radio.  Double blind randomized trials of over 40,000 individuals showed no benefit from taking food supplements or mineral supplements. 
The scientific research had long shown that the 'snake oil salesmen' weren't in the business of health but driven by rank greed were capitalizing on patients 'fears' by false claims and lies.
Billions of dollars of patients life savings and hard earned cash are diverted routinely to the unscrupulous health food industry.
Armed with the latest in the lowest and most callous lawyers and the hottest marketting techniques they flood the internet and pander to the lowest sentiments. 
Isn't it time that this 'industry' stop calling itself 'health food industry' and admit it's just an extension of the highly lucrative cosmetics industry. 
Frankly, I like to 'pamper' my body with worthless baubles of pseudoscience culture on occasion just like I dabble in chocolate, knowing full well, it's not 'good' for my health but decadent and obscene.  Everyone needs a little 'decadent and obscene' vitamin and minerals and cosmetic food supplements but lets stop calling it 'health' since it confuses the most vulnerable in their times of greatest need.

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