Thursday, December 26, 2013

Boxing Day

Boxing Day. It's an English and Commonwealth Tradition. I didn't know the Americans didn't celebrate it. They have their Black days after Thanksgiving.  I wondered if the elevation of thanksgiving was a consequence of secular society.
I'd always thought that Boxing Day was the day you had all these boxes after Christmas and traded the stuff you didn't want for the stuff you did at the store before you'd lost the box.  However I was told it was related to "Boxing" as a sport and that after Christmas and all the church and family events the English men went off to sporting traditions.  Then I read that the boxes were what churches collected charitable goods in and on Christmas day delivered these to needy and homeless.
Pagans were promoting 'pre Christian' values and notions on the internet. I always love how they downplay the human sacrifices.  Human sacrifice isn't part of the 'attraction' to pagan religions these day, not like it used to be.  These days all the sexual aspects of pagan religions are promoted with the Gaia, earth mother traditions thrown in as a kind of porridge smorgasbord stew sort of thing.
Consumer society is downplaying the Christian aspects of Christ-mas.  A giving obese white bearded old guy giving away presents fits with consumerism.  Now we have to take the place of the old guy.  Shopping is at it's max Christmas season.
I slept in.  Andrew and Graeme had been up at 5 to be at the stores for 630 so they could get the door crasher deals and really cheap hard drives and other computer components.  I liked sleeping in.  Gilbert didn't mind either.  The adults in this family were moving slowly.
I had a couple of cups of coffee and read more of Jack Whytes, The Forest Laird, about the life of William Wallace. Love it.
I walked the dog. I even had a shower. Now we're going to a movie.  That's this boxing day.  Restful. Adell said she liked it that way. Ron's been practicing a new strum on the guitar. Gilbert's had everyone throwing the ball for him.
I like Boxing day, whatever it's official meaning.  Peace.  St. Stephen's Day.  Thank God.

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