Sunday, December 22, 2013

Attack the Block - the movie

Attack the Block - the movie. Just watched this 2011 British movie on Netflix and loved it.  So very original.  The story line is a teen age gang is at the scene of an alien attack on earth.  They fight the alien only this attracts more. They're involved with a marijuana grow op and the business men who run this and a nurse who lives in the block along with a parallel group of teen agers.  It's England today so white, black, east indian.  There's two children as well. The show is amazingly well done with these alien gorilla like believable creatures having vulnerabilities but being ferocious as well. It's a great show for character development, with the teens going from thieves to socially conscious.  A truly funny moment at times with lots of action and weird twists. Well done English film.  This is a great sci fi unlike any other I've seen with lots of modernity and depth surrounding a Hitchcock like horror sic fi.  Loved it.
Director: Joe Cornish
Stars - Moses - John Boyega
          - Sam - Jodie Whittaker
         - Pest - Alex Esmail
         - Jerome - Leeon Jones
         - Dennis - Franz Drameh
Writer - Joe Cornish - great directing and great writing!!!!

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