Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty - the movie

"I loved Ben Stiller in the museum movie," I said.
We were standing outside Empire Theatres in Kanata trying to decide which movie to see. That seemed to sway the group.
The Secret Life of Walter Middy is based on the James Thurber short story.  Ben Stiller directs and stars as Walter Middy, a reticent negative asset manager at Life Magazine. He's trying to find the courage to ask out Cheryl Melhoff, played fabulously by Kristen Wiig.  Sean Penn is perfect as the Marlon Brando type Sean O'Connel hot spot adventure photographer. Eventually daydreaming Middy is pulled into real life by a need to speak to Sean. To this he must overcome his reticence, face his fears, embarking on the adventure of a life time  find Sean  whose literally gone to the ends of the earth.  Shirley MacLaine plays Middy's wise mother.  This is humour at it's best and boy meets girl at it's finest.
I loved it.
My brother is a wildlife photographer and my nephew is an amateur film maker. My sister in law is an academic. We all loved it.  After, it was one of those great movies where everyone was describing their favourite part in the movie.  Having been a fly in doctor in northern Canada, I loved best the scene of Walter in a northern bar with a drunk pilot who offers to fly him out to a fishing trawler in the North Atlantic.
A really good family feel good movie . Perfect pick for the holiday season.
I loved it.

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