Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sylvia Hotel, English Bay and Stanley Park

Sylvia Hotel hospitality was great for another night. Room service brought Gilbert a well done burger and me steak.  I slept through the night and at 7 am woke up normally.
I don't like my stuffy nose and sore throat but with rest and relaxation it's not getting worse. I reflect that even royalty share ailments so I'm suffering along with the billionaires and impoverished.  All one really wants is chicken soup and a bed.
This morning I took Gilbert for a walk on the beach early, surprised by all the activity. Joggers galore. Individuals and groups.  Dog walkers I expected but not so many.  It wasn't even 8 am.  I'd figured on just walking Gilbert as long as he needed but then the fresh air and activity had me continuing on to Stanley Park, only a couple of blocks from the Sylvia.
Gilbert and I walked over to Lost Lagoon, seeing Second Beach and the huge heron nests in the trees.  Black squirrels and a variety of birds visited along the way.  The trails in Stanley Park are amazing.  I even saw a huge owl being pestered by crows.  Were it not for the fuss the crows were making I might not have seen the owl.
Back in the Sylvia, we called room service.   I've had the English Breakfast with eggs, sausages and pancakes. Gilbert had a side of sausages. Now I'm drinking coffee watching Cat in a Hat.  One has to be seriously unwell to watch talking fish and wise guy cats. Gilbert is sleeping on the bed. In the movie, the cleaning lady is being used to weight down the crate while the kids and cat go off looking for the dog.  I confess I like the colours and visuals.  No doubt my friends with children have had their brains programmed by such.  This explains a lot.
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