Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Jet Cockapoo - Gilbert

We've made another flight with Gilbert under the seat. He's become a really good traveller.  Rides fine in the carry on then sleeps through most of the plane flight. Taking off and landing are stressful. I worry about his ear equalization. Does he know to swallow. He's usually panting at the end of those parts but no apparent pain.  I figure it must be anxiety. It's also just hot at times in the plane and given his fur coat that might well be sufficient explanation. He's happy to be with me, that's for sure.
In the airport he's fine. I worry he'll pee on something after a 5 hour flight. However, he's a good boy, patient as we wait for baggage. Then he sled dogs us out the door where he really does let go a stream. Here in Ottawa with all the snow the yellow puddle was evident.  More dogs are travelling and the evidence was apparent in the yellow snow patches of the dog walk zone.
My sister in law, Adell, arrived to pick us up. He's ecstatic with family, jumping all over humans and licking their ears. His memory for those who love and play with him is incredible. Looking forward to his seeing my nephews and their partners. There's a young folk love fest he really gets into.  Three guys and almost as many girls willing to throw ball. Lots of great festive holiday cooking smells and treats. How can life get better for a dog!
Thank you Air Canada and Westjet for understanding pet owners and making it more and more convenient for us to travel with our family.
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