Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013 Gratitude

Thank you for my life, Lord, and the lives of my family and friends. Thank you for Gilbert, my cockapoo and the fish and plants in my life. Thank you for O2 and all the elements of this universe, the earth and the sky and the sun, stars, and moon. Thank you for work and my profession and training and teachers and patients.
Thank you for the colours. Thank you for the Word. Thank you for knowledge and logic and understanding. Thank you for wisdom.  Thank you for perception.
Thank you for locomotion and activities, sports, swimming, outdoors and indoors.
Thank you for my loved ones who are now passed away but live alive in my memories, especially mom and dad  and family.  Thank you for my pets who have passed.
Thank you for the opportunities to serve. Thank you for the guidance. Thank you for the solace. Thank you for my church, St. James Anglican.  Thank you for my meetings.  Thank you for the Dug Out, Whitecliff, Nooner and the clubs. Thank you for International doctors. Thank you for writers and the CAA and Drug Prevention and boards I serve on. Thank you for round ups and conferences
Thank you for this great country of Canada and my home of British Columbia and city of Vancouver. Thank you for the arts and sciences. Thank you for music and dance. Thank you for the BC Ballet. Thank you for Pacific Theatre. Thank you for Third Day and Steve Bell and Sirius Radio, the Message and comedy channels.  Thank you for writing and blogging and my book, Love between the Sacred and Profane, my assistants and office. I thank you for Ruth Anne.
Thank you for John, George, Tom, Kirk, Luke, Anne, Wes, Wayne, Chuck ,  Laura, Ben,  Victor Vivian, David, Marion, Barb, Margaret, Dennis, Hannah, Mida, Aim, Mark, Joanne, Dave, Leila, Karen, Ken,Graham, Bill, Elizabeth, Art, Hugh, Julie, Margot, Jonathan, William,  Richard, Bernice,  Jeremy, Jackie, Antonnio,  Gary, Colin, Willi, Anna, Phillip, Janine, Alyson,  Ganesh, Bill, Andrea, Don, Ray,  Dan, Anil, Marilou, Eric, Jon, Curt, Chris, Randy, Jean, Robert, James, all the usual suspects and all the special people I'm blessed to know and share with, a glorious cast of characters in the great theatre of the absurd , this mystery, called life (there is no hierarchy in the list - love the one you're with - where two or more are gathered there to am I, said Jesus)
Thank you for family again, as they are here passing through this kitchen,  and I’m enjoying my brother, sister in law and nephews their girlfriends and friends and home. Thank you for Ottawa. Thank you for fun. Thank you for parties. Thank you for movies. Thank you for snow.
Thank you for birthdays and holidays and weekends and evenings and night and sleep and dreams.
Thank you for the travel I’ve done this year. Thank you for my Mazda Miata, my safe rides to work, the easy parking, and the trips to Seattle and other places in BC.  Thank you for my F350 truck and trips hunting and fishing and pulling the RV. Thank you for the Keystone RV and camping. Thank you for the Harley Davidson and trips to Harrisons and Sturges South Dakota. Thank you for SVGiri, my ofttimes home and sailing in the Straight of Georgia, English bay and the awesome outdoors of west coast British Columbia.  Thank you for Air Canada and Westjet.
Thank you for toilet paper and indoor plumbing and electricity and computers and electronics. Thank you for indoor heating. Thank you for clothing. Thank you for food and water and canned drinks and chocolates. Thank you for grouse and moose and venison. Thank you for bear and cats.  Thank you for salmon.
Thank you for city government and garbage collection and road cleaning and courts and settlements of disputes non violently. Thank you for banks and the financial system despite it’s flaws. Thank you for government despite it’s flaws. Thank you for Prime Minister Steven Harper and the Conservative government. Thank you for Premier Clark and the provincial liberal government.  Thank you for the opposition NDP, Mulcair and the liberals, and the pretty boy.
Thank you for entertainment. Thank you for diversity. Thank you for death. Thank you for cures for disease and health care. Thank you for the police and military. Thank you for protection. Thank you for democracy and differences of opinion. Thank you altruism.
Thank you for Scotland and Ireland and all the ideas that have come from the Celts. Thank you for Colonel Hadfield and Davie Bowie.  Thank you for Bare Naked Ladies and Sarah MacLaughlin. Thank you for CBC programs despite their news propaganda.  Thank you for good people, good men and women who hold true in spite of the corruption. Thank you for all those in Quebec who didn’t take bribes and objected to the corruption in the city of Montreal.  Thank you for the do gooders and those who sacrifice their lives and livelihood to correct wrongs .  Thank you for the whistleblowers even though they are condemned in Canada.
Thank you for the Royal Family, especially George,  and all the good folk in the Senate. Thank you for all the Peace Keepers and all the folks around the world who stand up to bullies and tyranny and resist evil and corruption. Thank you for all  those in Mexico, London, Baku, Azerbaijan, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Washington, Colorado, South Dakota, Ontario, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia.  Thank you for tourism and travel and study. Thank you for the universities.  Thank you for my profession. Thank you for soul, heart, mind, thinking, feeling, sensing, and action.
Thank you for Gilbert’s enthusiasm. Thank you for tennis balls that serve as dog balls.
Thank for speech and sound and MAC and PC and iPhones and internet.
Thanks for Love. Thanks for virtue. Thanks for all the volunteers whose contributions go unsung. Thanks for pro bono workers. Thanks for this day. Thanks for everything. God is good all of the time. Thank you for all I should be thankful for but forget to be thankful for. Thank you for the gratitude I have.  Especially thank you for Grace.

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