Saturday, December 14, 2013

Keystone Energy Toy Hauler

Thanks to Travelhome, my 2013 Keystone Energy 300FBS travel trailer toy hauler, was moved to where I am now.  Eric, from Starfleet, came by and checked it out, making sure everything was working and doing some improvements. Then Mida arrived and organized everything.  Now Gilbert and I are in this new paradise.  I love it.
Gilbert has already rolled in fish on his first walk of the season by the river. He's been washed and shampooed in the tub.  Despite my drying him off he's now rolled on everything, rugs, bed, couch, leaving a slight dampness in his wake. But the dead fish smell is gone with the help of incense.  I've added Febreeze to todays shopping list.
The garage is still a bit of chaos but I'll get a tool box and maybe by the end of the weekend have the couch in there laid out.  There's another bed that comes down with an electric hoist from the ceiling. I expect now when I go hunting I'll have to let the guys sleep inside. I rather liked it when I was in my motorhome and they were outside in tents. Admittedly I let them use the facilities and we had coffee and dinners inside but now they'll have a separate bedroom.  Guests. I'm not sure Gilbert and I want to share yet. This is such a lovely living environments, so much more spacious. I know I'll regret this larger size when I'm driving and maneuvering but parked, this is heaven.
I can just envision my Harley motorcycle in the back garage too.  That's going to be sweet to travel with. I saw that Sturges North Motorcycle Rally is happening again this year, but in Merrit.  I think I like the idea better of arriving a a HD rally with the bike in the garage and all the luxury of home along.
Thank you God for all these blessings!IMG 4466
IMG 4467DSC 0794
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