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Normative Sociology and War

All the norms of our social life are derived directly from Christianity.  The Christian social life was derived in turn from the Hebrew.  The Abraham social tradition gave rise to Judaism, Christianity and Islamic traditions.  All of these were essentially Patriarchal with heavy emphasis on family and child rearing because all these traditions grew in the times of farming and war where a large workforce was necessary either to make food or armies.
Jared Diamond eloquently describes the importance of food stuffs to the growth and success of armies.  The Abrahamic tradition began in Polygammy which persisted into Judaism and Moslem culture but was lost in Christianity.  Male dominated Monogamy or male dominated Polygammy were therefore the norms of family with women's role predominantly as bearer of children, educator, manager of home and farms, and adviser.
War has been the principle industry of all empires and nations.  The greatest trade commodity has always been advanced weapons technology.  Leonardo da Vinci, known today for his art, was known best in his day and paid greatest for his advances in castle defence.  Today rocket guidance system and stealth technology are simply stated major 'trade secrets'.  Trade has secondarily been of significant importance to nations.
Canada's genetic modification of wheat, shorter growing life, greater abundance, resulted in the ability of the world to feed itself and gave rise to Canada being called  "the breadbasket of the world." Today modern scientific farming methods and food production has achieved the means to feed one and half times the present and future populations, but the distribution of food remains limitted  by the "art of politics".  Starvation has long been a 'seige' technique of war fare.  Food is a commodity of war. The world as a whole has never known peace as much as the 'winners' celebrate it's sweet relief.  
Even fashion has been deeply influenced by war, with the present day men's suit a slight variation on the 19th century British officer suit.  Futurist writer, William Gibson, has written of the importance financially of competing camouflage fabrics when one considers the millions in uniform, especially in China and Korea.  It stands without reasoning that Armani would as soon have that contract as one on Wall Street.
The family was a rudimentary vestige from earliest hunting and gathering societies with the importance of 'blood' and 'kinship' lines establishing relational loyalties which gave rise to the power of  banking families like the Rothschilds.  Even today the lineage of the royals, i considered as 'breeding', is celebrated.  Genetic modifications, eugenics and breeding are all 'purposeful'. To what end, is usually defined by the principle world pasttime of war and dominance.
Marx and Engels felt that the family had to be destroyed and the communist model, even tried as the Kibbutz in Israel, was to remove children from their parents at the earliest possible age to propagandize the children while keeping the mothers directly employed in the production of the state, ideally weapons and their support industries. Today in the West women are allowed out of the workplace at best 6 months and the children's education by the State is ensured by age of 3 but latest by 5.  Home education is commonly discouraged, financially for sure, and often legislatively.  In the east the family and role of mother is even less supported by the State, which is always some variation on a War Machine model.
The collective payment of physicians is directly linked to their contribution to the war effort, surgeons being first paid more than other tradesman when their successes restored fighting men to the trenches of Europe, doubling, tripling and sometimes quadrupling the available cannon fodder.  The fame of nurse, Florence Nightingale, came from her halving the post operative battlefield mortality rates by use of the modern techniques of Listers's cleanliness.
Psychiatrists only collectively saw their pay increase when it was recognized that they could reduce the 30% rate of 'war psychosis' and 'shell shock' that most afflicted the 'unpopular' Vietnam warriors.  These 'successes' once established then develop an industry that surrounds and conceals the very roots of the contribution. Todays counsellors and psychologists predominate just as when the first 'priest' painted blue of wearing god awful feather and bone clothing exhorted the troops to success was celebrated, whole religions of beaurocrats followed the success of this one 'holy man'.  Religion thrives today as does psychological services financially because of that first holy man and that first psychiatrist who made these subsequents fields of 'material consequence' with increasing high pay.  Transportation and roads and ultimates planes and space stations all had principle material value as they contributed to the 'war effort'.  None of these people were 'paid' for 'peace'. Peace is cheap by comparison to war but peaceful interludes between wars are the commodity of successful wars.  The Germans in the 30's didn't 'enjoy peace' and were happy to return to 'war' whereas the the Frence and British winners of WWI were highly impressed with the peace of the 30's This was a great old time especially in the US.  Victors love peace.  It's not hypocricy or rocket science. Peace is not nearly as appealing in the long run to the 'losers'.

Today robots and machines have reduced the need for large families because wars can essentially be fought with very few numbers.  Overpopulation and Article 21 of the United Nations are directly associated with the new 'dehumanized social model'.  The 'mother' eulogized, romanticized and celebrated for generations, for her capacity to produce large families, and as importantly educate and 'breed' good citizen children, is no longer as important to the secular materialist vision as her role as 'worker' and 'entertainment device'.
Humans are simply less important and the fewer the better given the advances available to war brought with bioweapons, nuclear devices and strategic or cloaking technologies.  The importance of GPS and satellite systems and space exploration was that it gave intelligence dominance in matters of war.  Todays facial recognition software from satellites can identify terrorist or warrior leaders individually, so long as they don't wear the 'dreaded hoodies'.
Constantine made Christianity the official religion because the Christian armies, based on Christian families, were the most powerful war machine, given their loyalty, and devotion to cause.  The Christian family won against the pagan family of Nazi Germany.  It had been a near thing between the Anglican English and Catholic French and Lutheran German in WWI but by WWII, Hitler had returned the Germany dream to the 'pagan' roots in which polytheism, polygammy were intrinsic.  Not surprisingly 'polytheism' has been 'divisive'.
The atheist communist experiment of Russia and it's copy cats, finally leading to China, returned to the polygamous leadership model.  Communist patriarchy had, like traditional kings, multiple wives and mistresses.  Ghengis Khan before all other male leaders' 'bedded so many women, especially of conquered nations that 1% of all human genes can be traced directly to him.  The communists with little moral restraint have maintained their pleasure dachas and bedded women with all the gusto that secular materialist corporation leaders have in the west.  Indeed in all secular atheist or atheist communist social arrangements the woman is no longer valued most as 'mother' but rather as 'comfort companion' or frankly 'sexual object' and 'entertainment device.' Despite the popularity of Clinton his amorous dalliances as acceptable to Hillary as they were for the power of their combined success, were ultimately unacceptable still to the Monotheistic Monogamous "norm' of the Western model.
The communist attitude towards women in general has been seen primarily in their abortion of the feminist gene in China with only male children being saved from the scalpel. This has created the single male armies of the east available to conquer the west with the promise of available 'sexual entertainment devices. '  In China white woman pornography is the most popular.  Islam offers 'virgins' in heaven to their jihadists.  The Chinese communists soldiers aren't looking for virgins in the west.
Meanwhile in Canada, a mixed communist, democratic country the destruction of the family continues with the rise of polygamy covertly.  Women's primary role is no longer mother hood.  Feminism has been primarily 'imitation of men' with all that was historically 'female' debased. Indeed feminists call 'mother's , 'breeders' and the 'worker' is the model.  Women who have children are no longer given status as 'fully employed' as 'mothers' previously were, they must quickly return to the ranks of workers, work production being ultimately aimed at creating better competitive war machines. The most successful women in banking, design, leadership are indeed those who contribute most to the production and sale of weapons.  The greatest women leaders of the west took their countries to war, Thatcher, Ghandi etc.  Some feminists today even encourage their membership to get pregnant and abort to know the 'power of women'.  Woman as 'creator' is thereby subsumed by woman the 'destroyer'.  Seeing these modern dynamics one can't help but appreciate the ancient religions of old countries like India where the gods are creator, maintainer and destroyer and the female goddess Khalli has far more traits than the goddess Athena.
Hillary Clinton the foremost feminist leader, defined herself by her 'pant suits".  Indeed all women in western worlds are 'transvestic' in their dress with male dominance in fashion persisting as traditional military based garb, suits, cargo pants, etc.

The importance of homosexuals to the Christian war effort in WWII was noted with Turing and others.  The SS were  based on homosexual male bonding 'hyper testosterone' Greek warrior Spartan prototypes in contrast.  While  'police elite ' loyalty was achieved through that model , well documented in "Pink Swatika" it's effectiveness generally was highly limited.
The modern Christian world by contrast "delisted' homosexuality given it's contribution to the war effort.  EvenLawrence was thought bisexual at best with a penchant for self flogging.  As long as homosexuality didn't interfere with the production of 'cannon fodder' it was acceptable. Indeed lesbianism, a popular sideline of polygamous societies where the concubines had children but were denied men, like male prisoners, turned to each other for entertainment.  Lesbianism today is commonly acceptable as it doesn't interfere in the war machine which has dominated society for countless thousands of years.

There have never not been a 'war machine' though enclaves of society 'outside' of the mainstream, like monks of Nepal and the Christian monks of Meteora have been able to avoid through isolation participation in the principle human beaurocratic activity.

The question then today is whether the present day rise in secular materialist social constructs, none of which are related in any way to the priority of child production can compete with the traditional family based social models.  Today the principal atheist materialist societies of communism have failed to show the creativity of the Christian, Judaic or Moslem or  Hindu, Buddhist societies.  Buddhists continue to fight Buddhists with modern weapons over the ownership of different temples. The Indian Society, based on Polytheism Monogamous families succeeded in winning their war against the aetheistic polygamous communist society of China.  Chinese monogamy continues, not as a product of the ideology of communism, but rather as an as yet persisting 'cancer' of old society.
Dessert Storms Arms Bazaar showed the superiority of weapons built predominantly by American and European Christians and Jews.  The Moslems during the Crusades had indeed brought us arithmetic ballistics and the religious Chinese of their day developed gunpowder.  Issaac Newton, Einstein, were great theists.  Secular atheist "promissory"  materialism is indeed a recent 'hothouse plant' with great promises but no shelf life or demonstrated success.  Its ability to kill enemies 'externally' has been poor at best and their greatest killing success has always been the destruction of their own people and through 'betrayal'.  The ideas continue to proliferate with the hundreds of millions of their own people killed by atheists in their own countries.   No wonder, Christian evangelicals say, Satan, the greatest aetheist of all, was always a murderer and liar.  Commonly 'language' obscures the facts of war and competition, neurological theorists arguing that man's big brain developed solely for duplicity, his principal means of success in cave man days against the much for effective predator big cat.

But the fetal alcoholism in Russia and infant mortality in the USSR was directly associated with its failure as a competitive 'social norm' to the 'norms' offered by the theist societies to date. The division of the USSR hasn't been to some advanced 'aetheist' 'norms' but rather a rejection of 'aetheist polygammy' and a return to variations of 'theistic monogamy'.  Poland embraces the Catholic Monotheism and Monogamy and eastern formerly moslem parts of the old USSR are opting instead for Monotheistic Monogamous norms.  Aetheistic polygammous 'norms' fail competitively for the majority of people despite an appeal to the elite.  Queens and Kings have succeeded through the ages by overt monogamy and covert polygammy and at least paying lip service to the success of monotheism.  Kennedy might well have been more of a swordsman than Clinton but Kennedy's overt Catholicism and the discretion of the pre feminist females protected him. It helped that he was a war hero.

My own Celtic Christian Pagan forebears couldn't compete as a social empire, despite individual superiority and tribal superiority, to the English Christian Empire social model based more directly on biblical patriarchal monogamy. My Celtic forebears, the scots and Irish, were much less disciplined sexually and more prone to overt polygamy and homosexuality. The Celts celebrated women far more than the English and admired our mothers nearly as greatly as the Mexicans but our social structure couldn't compete with the Christian Roman Model that effectly created the present day empires.  All the empires previously built had not been able to manage the numbers or space or maintain the success that this monotheist monogamous model of social 'norm' to date has.

That said, Christianity in Canada is now only 70%. This is similar to other Western nations where a decline in monotheism has occurred.  Jews at most are 1 % of Western societies, mostly secular aetheist despite their ethnicity whereas Israel with it's military success to date has been dominated by zionists and monetheistic monogamous Hebrew of the Old Testament tradtions.  Monotheistic Polygammous Islamists are on the rise throughout the west .Secular atheists, especially communists, despite their lack of any sustained success and high suicidal and murderous rates persist. The Aztec were a similar religious killing machine but failed before the Christian Monotheistic Monogamous 'norm'.

I don't know who will win the next war.

Frankly.  I have little doubt that the Christian Monotheistic Monogamous normative model of the British WWII winners (technologicaly and on the battlefield) could win as has the Christian Monotheistic Monogamous normative model of America to date won against all other competing models.  The only real question is whether an 'attenuated strain' of this norm as is arising in Canada, Europe and the US can compete agains,t say the Islamic Monoteistic Polygamous norm.  In the Crusades the Christians beat the Moslems on all battlefields essentially but not by so great a margin.  The Chinese Korean atheist polygamous communist models have grown strong by incorporating the strengths of the Christian Monotheist Monogamous norms reintroducing 'god' as has Russia to the failed 'atheist' paradigm.  Russia's recent anti homosexuality stance has been seen to be a means of making itself attractive to the Muslims, Orthodox, and Catholics which have to date prevailed over the atheist communist model. Putin in this regard is seen as no different a 'general' than Constantine was who 'converted' when it was obvious that Christian military was greater than all other militaries of his day.  Aetheist militaries have to date failed against theist models and just as armies re tooled from horses calvary to tanks the communists the world over are 're thinking' God while the 'fat' west continues to 'play' with the very 'sexy idea' of aetheism especially given the aetheist model of woman as 'sexual entertainment device' or 'worker'.  
 In contrast the prevailing successful Monotheistic Monogamous West has introduced the very components of the failing competing normative model of communism, i.e. the denigration of the feminine, especially of the mother, destruction of religion, woman as 'entertainment device' , unisex, all normative of communism when it failed in all competitions to date with the west.
Given that the West is rejecting God as the East embraces it and Islam grows stronger by its adherence the question of which 'norm' will succeed in the next war remains to be seen.

In the West, the successor of war, the existing empire of war, the idea of war is furthest from the mind of the  slick and safe ideologically effete intellectual city light weights.  Their likes were well known to the Chamberlains of England and the Roman "thinkers' as the 'barbarians' were invading Rome.    To the rest of the world, those outside the winning zones of Europe and American,  war and revolution are the foremost thought. Losers want desperately what they perceive the winners have.  Revolutionaries by nature are theives and not creators.  Age old tribalisms have prevailed to today.  Mohommed's Koran is as much a warrior code as the Old Testament of the Bible or Mao Tse Tung's writings.  Marcus Aurelius, the Roman Empiror, wrote the pagan stoic model of his day,  but it was St. Paul who drafted the 'norm' for society that gave us the last 2000 years of successful Christian empire and relative 'peace'.   As the west devolves, the Roman empire too died from within, with the result that  the real competition might well be between the Monotheist Monogamous "Norm" of Islam versus the western modified Aetheist Polygammous "norm' of the Eastern Communism
I simply don't know.

The greatest european 'peace' movement of the young occurred in the 1930's when nudism also was terrifically popular.  Here in Canada we are having a marvellous love affair with marijuana and a delusional adolescence of denial.  The world Big Daddy America is criticized for not allowing us to smoke up and drop out.  We forget that the Empire of China fought the west to free it's people from Opium in the famous opium wars.  We succeeded in fighting the Indians (natives) of North American by giving them booze and attacking them when they were hung over because their 'society' had not been able to 'control' or 'prohibit' alcohol.  The British Navy had long held 'alcohol prohibition' and control successfully to achieve it's goal of being the greatest war machine the world had ever known.

Personally I prefer nudism but know that the best money in the fashion industry is on cammo designs, epaulets and boots. Jewelry was originally a 'worldly crown' of 'conquest' or the 'conspicuous consumption of Veblem.  The best bling of all has been those given for 'heroism'.  While it was normative for men to let their girlfriends wear their 'football jackets', I don't think anytime soon we'll see women letting their boyfriends wear their 'purple hearts' gained in combat, even if they were shot and wounded by robot drones.

The "norms' have a way of being 'normal' because they 'worked'. The 'test' has always been 'war'.

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