Friday, October 11, 2013

Baku Conference Photos

I just want to share the photos I've taken of this remarkable city. We've been in doors having serious talks and presentations about the increasing death of the species with alienation and trauma of abortions and killings and euthanasia, neglect and abuse. Then we spill out into the sunlight of Baku enjoying this glorious city with such fine architecture, clean streets, and hard working people.
I was persona non grata for leading a  group , Moyanan, Francheska, Bridgitte, Bobby, and Anne, on  the long route to the mall when returning by the short route it was apparent we needn't have walked so far.  We did get our exercise.
IMG 1395
IMG 1396IMG 1392
IMG 1399

IMG 1403IMG 1404IMG 4001

IMG 1400IMG 3999IMG 1390IMG 3993IMG 1353IMG 1356IMG 1343IMG 1341IMG 1306IMG 1286IMG 3973IMG 1273IMG 1228IMG 1231

IMG 1391

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