Friday, October 11, 2013

Old City, Baku, Azerbaijan - Feast for Royalty

We have had a week of camaraderie from small workshop to public forum. We've discussed and presented, given and listened.  The concern is simply, we're killing our own. Abortion is a world wide epidemic. In Israel alone a million or two have been killed and yet the same people who sanction the killing want us to be concerned about Auschwitz and 6 million Jews killed.  And it's worse in other countries.  Millions and millions killed each year.
I don't know of a disease that is as lethal as an abortionist.  All the while this is the 'solution' , no one looks at the problem of food distribution or even considers all the genius solutions for population that Buckminster Fuller presented a quarter century or more ago.  Today women are forced to have abortions.  They are forced by their families, their men and by the state.  Already in Holland there are hundreds of cases of documented euthanasia of the compis mantis without consent have occurred.
And for anyone who has tried to find dirt on institutions knows, this is only the tip of the iceberg.
Myths of 'overpopulation' and 'food shortage' and 'housing shortage' , all local problems related to politics and the persisting expedient of killing the powerless, the old , the poor, and of interest to me those with mental illness and addictions.   These are the same groups the Nazis selected for their eugenics programs.
The Catholic Church here provided a venue with it's beautiful halls, sound systems, volunteers and prayers.  What was significant here though was that Muslims, Catholics, Christians and Jews were together on wanting to stop the annihilation of the human race.  All the science was presented and the science is stronger than any of the "Climate Change Hypothesis' .  The systematic calculated extermination of the human race by abortion isn't "95% man made", it's 100% man made.  It doesn't take a high paid 'intergovernmental committee" to see the overwhelming evidence of destruction. It's outrageous.
The cost of the dead elephant in the room is appalling.   Health care budgets, mental health resources, and addiction services are being inundated by the costly fall out.
All I can say is that if one looks at the history of medicine and politics we can see that lobotomy had a fan club with huge following leading to thousands, maybe a million or more, having their brains cut out.  This 'popular pastime' with all the 'science' associated and all the promises and glowing reports saying this was necessary to eradicate the bad ideas of these people, simply over night stopped.  At the very height of it's success when lobotomists had like abortionists honed their skills to do dozens of cases a day, the public woke up and said, 'hold it, this isn't right'.  I can only hope that the same will hold true for abortion.
When women are given assurance of support for having their child, especially when men support them, the rates of abortion half.  Older women versus younger women simply don't have abortion as a knee jerk reaction because of maturity and from my point of view, the young are so easily taken advantage of.
Sadly these women are not only having abortions but the products of the dead babies are used by doctors then for high profit ,stem cells and placenta products being used in medicine and cosmetic industries.   These beautiful young women, often prostitutes, often part of the sex slave trade, are being exploited for profit.
So after all this we gathered for a night of relief from the front lines of the silent war with silent screams and the greatest callousness and cruelty the world has never known.
The beautiful women from different countries and coninents dressed up in finery brought for the occasion. I actually had my Pemberton embroidered cowboy shirt which was admired along with my short hair.  We gathered at the Maiden Tower in the Old Village near the 5 star restaurant where we'd eaten the most magnificent meal while being entertained by local musicians with Azerbaijani instruments while the robust balletic folk dances of Azerbaijani were danced by an amazing group of highly talented young dancers dressed in gowns and garbs reminiscent of the days of the chivalry.
Nancy and Angelique, our hosts, were there along with Mushfig Bayram, our amazing interpreter.  Mushfig's protege son told us all manner of history and geography of the world and later danced with his dad.  Mushfig's beautiful daughter joined us later and was apparently the 'dancer'  having just returned from competitions..  Mushfig's beautiful young wife, very fashionably dressed, and most intelligent, was obviously proud of her accomplished family.
So there we were with all the benefits of comrades and locals who answered our every question.  Nancy waxed poetic about the country's renowned handmade carpets. Mushfig indeed in formed us that the restaurant had been here hundreds of years and in the old days where we sat was likely where the stables were. Before central heating, the trend in housing was to live above the animals benefitting from their body heat.  Today this stone walled elegant restaurant retains the character of the ancient days while having all the amenities of our modern times.  Service was so good I felt as if I might well be a visiting "Lord" sitting with the "Ladies" in the age of Chivalry.  I'd not have been surprised if Lady Quinivere appeared and told us King Author would be along shortly after he chatted a bit with a Saracen leader.
I can't name or remember all of the dozens of dishes.  It was a feast which left my palate entertained like it could never remember being entertained but at the end I didn't even waddle when I walked to the door. There was food galore but the portions were well considered and quality not quantity was the intent.  I felt full in the most pleasant way.
The music, dance and laughter was a joyous contrast to the tragic statistics and stories of the earlier week. It felt like we were a group gathered in the light of God in a very dark world indeed.  So happy were we to be able to have this joyful momentary reprieve.
All the while conversation was about distant countries, local cultures, and the women spoke of their children, telling stories of their families, to the laughter of all.  It was Opah's birthday and we even sang Happy Birthday as she blew out the candles.  Appropriate flame in this city of the flame towers whose future is a bright and shining star.
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