Saturday, October 5, 2013

Heathrow Airport

I'm here again.  Oddly I don't remember flying into Heathrow my first visit in the early 70's accompanied by my first wife, Baiba.  It was such an adventure.  I remember London, then Amsterdam, bicycling across Europe, travelling by VW bug through Spain with our bicycles on the car roof top.  Taking the ferry to Morrocco, bussing and walking in the old cities. That was memorable.  lndeed lots of images and memories remain from that epic year of youth.  It's the return trip that sticks in my mind.  We had too much clothing and wore 6 layers in addition to what we could pack in our luggage.  I was a michilen man but very fashionable.  I'd travel back from India with a sitar on my lap and coming back from the southern US I'd be wearing a great sombrero.  All good times with lots of adventure.

And here I am again in Heathrow. I came through here going to Italy and returning from Greece these last couple of years.  Loved showing Laura about the city the days we were here.  I love the Piccadilly Circus and Westminister Abbey.  I'm ever amazed by the spirit of the English people with their world wide navy then their Battle of Britain.  Extraordinary people.  

Doesn't stop me, with my Scottish genes, from wanting to go after the likes of John Cleese in my aim to start a law suit on behalf of Scots the world over, but especially us in Canada. I'm calling my movement COMPENSATION FOR CULLODEN.  I want money personally from the crown for the dastardly way the British treated the Scots at Culloden.  I'm not going to accept any dead parrots from John Cleese either!

It's only an hour or so before my connecting flight with British Airways to Azerbaijin.   I used the flight to load my presentations onto Keynote the Mac equivalent of Powerpoint. It's been a sharp learning curve.  

I've been up all night.  This flight began in Vancouver yesterday.  I'll arrive at my destination this evening. 22 hours travel time. I could use a shower already.  It's reminiscent of youth, this sleeping in one's clothing.  

I'm enjoying my Eagle Creek carry on luggage.  My globe trotting friend Moon told me she'd asked the Lonely Planet writer, can't remember which countries he covered, but he'd told her he used Eagle Creek.  I like the separation of front with back straps from the base with wheels.  I can stowe the base in the overhead and keep the knapsack portion under the seat.

I love London.  I enjoyed checking out the Harrods shop in the airport. I'll be coming through on the way back so resisted the buying something now.  I so loved shopping in Harrods when I lived here as a young man.  I'm titillated like a true colonial by shopping in a store the Queen has shopped in.  There's that love of the Royals instilled as a child. Now Margaret Atwood and Kim Campbell want to change the Anthem. Troudeau changed the flag.  Traditions are under attack everywhere. Last time I was here there was an uproar about dogs shitting on the commons.  I remember so much when I lived here the English love of dogs.  The Queen's corgis have always been a joy.

I've just had a breakfast sandwich heated up in this little Costa coffeeshop where I'm being fortified by a stiff  Americano. It's important to stay hydrated flying.  Well must be off. Tally ho!

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