Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Baku Conference and Old City

These are just more pictures I've taken at the conference as well as in walks in the Old City. Today we are touring the old city so I'll have more pictures and know what the monuments are that I am taking pictures of.  Maybe some of what I have here I'll shoot again but with local knowledge of their significance and relevance.  It's a grand city for visiting.  Our conference is thought provoking as it deals with mental illness, death, substance abuse and helping those most vulnerable.
We discussed various homes and services being offered around the world. I most enjoyed hearing of the school for pregnant teenagers where the mother and babies attend till completion. There was a remarkable woman doctor in Poland who promised all her young women that if they didn't want to keep the baby she'd adopt them only to never have a single woman take her up on her offer in thousands of such deliveries.
Everyone laughs at me when I say that with 25,000 Canadian women going overseas to buy babies and the unwieldy government heavy beurocracies in Canada that discourage adoption there really needs to be an eBay bidding for unwed mothers. Everyone worries that this would lead to the sale of babies as if that is worth than death.  I'd personally prefer to be bought and sold than killed outright without a choice or voice.
We're moving towards the extinction of the human race while talking about silly fears hundreds if not thousands of years in the future about changing climate.  Man survived ice age but the world epidemic of abortions is another thing entirely.  Where countries have declining birthrates nothing has been found to reverse this.
It's so enjoyable here to listen to the participants discuss the range of services they have and variety of ideas. I remember once being at a medical conference in Vancouver where abortion was discussed and the abortionists shouted down with rage any further discussion. Their bullying tactics, especially one woman, were utterly unprofessional, as she rolled her eyes and flared her nostrils and told a leading physician to shut up.  I was frightened myself that day.
It's so tragic too hearing of all the doctors, nurses, and psychologists who have been persecuted in their countries for being pro life.  The smear campaigns are devastating.  There is no depths of low that the abortion zealots won't stoop to to maintain their incomes.  I was fascinated hearing this because I'djust come from a conference where I'd heard similar tactics done by the tobacco companies when it was recognized that they were lying and causing so much costly damage.
Last night I heard one of our group members has been struggling with their news that their family has been kidnapped by the el Quada.  In Canada there are people who believe the el Quaida are a figment of American war machine yet the Africans here tell of el Quaida attacks and massacres they've lived through.  Kidnapping is a standard way they raise money for their bombs.
So many of these people here have experienced the war and terror, tragedies that my refugee patients tell me of ,but most Canadians are so utterly unaware of. Yet they grumble and grump without the least gratitude.  Being here I'm so grateful for the peace our country has known and the work of our government and institutions do to maintain peace in Canada.  We're truly privileged and learning this I'm concerned about those who are just critics and want to destroy a great country with hair brained schemes that serve only their self interests.
I'm involved right now on the issue of 'legalization of marijuana'. There's decriminalization which everyone agrees on but whenever a substance like tobacco or alcohol has been 'legalized' so it can essentially be bought in shopping markets the devastation in terms of public health and cost to society has been gargantuan.
Here I'm hearing about the unspeakable costs of the Abortion Industry.
I feel like I did when I listened to the claims that there was no 'cover ups' around 9/11 yet even in the subsequent enquiry the key questions that we all had asked were glossed over.  I came away from that knowing that there is a conspiracy when there's a conspiracy to insist there's no conspiracy.
That's essentially the feeling I get here with discussions of the Pro Life groups all of which are predominantly volunteers. I know personally that abortions are truly high paid with clinics the likes that only Cosmetic Surgeons can afford.  Doing regular medicine at standard pay I'm having trouble paying my overhead in the downtown. Meanwhile these abortion clinics are high end high profit industry sites.  I'm envious of their staff and facilities.  I feel like the doctors in the military who tell me of struggles to get medical supplies when millions are lost on ammunitions.  Killing is always higher paid than life saving.
It's probably all just envy on my part. I would like to get paid more but I just couldn't live with myself as an abortionist.  Morgentaller is as slimy to me as Eva Braun yet both of them are white washed in the media.  Psychopaths and sociopaths are the greatest chameleons and really do threaten anyone warm blooded.
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