Monday, October 14, 2013

Heathrow Airport

Here I am again in Heathrow.  Dr. Ney had wanted to go to the bookstore while I went off to look at the caviar.  Here the sturgeon caviar is $400. Beter packaging that my lowly Baku market caviar but a 'ku (coup) none theless.  I think there's a component of selection and certification, a bit like champagne and sparkling water. What I've got tastes very fine if it lacks the the fancy packaging.  The market up in "health food stores'  is equivalent to fashion industry, 50% or so.
I liked walking in the little Harrod's shop here.  Nostalgia for my days living in London and working across from Harrod's.  We arrived here from Azerbaijan and stayed over at the Holiday Inn.  The gate's not been announced so I'm waiting here for Dr. Ney to appear. I've perused the books and can't say I'm up for another terrorist attack novel.  More serious reading is fatiguing on a long flight.  Our seats were changed without our knowledge but I've been able to get an exit in lieu of the aisle I'd requested.  Dr. Ney likes window seats.  We've both logged some hundreds of thousands of miles flying and trust in prayer.
People watching at Heathrow is spectacular.  All manner of folk pass this way, interspaced with the glamorous stewardesses of countless air lines.  I simply love being back where English is the language of choice.  After a week of hearing a foreign tongue my own is musical in comparison.
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