Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Maybe everything is okay.
Maybe your activism ideas really are sound.
You might not be so shallow a person.
But if you think the same as the herd
Face it, you're prey, propaganda prey.
You've been listening to television and radio
Way too long.
You couldn't recognize a conspiracy
If it took your life.
Now ask yourself
Where do you disagree,
Really disagree,
With what is Politically Correct?
Can you even list the canned ideas
That make up Politically Correct?
Name one thing where you aren't
Thinking like they want you to think,
In neat packages and sound bites.
That's what Groupthink is.
You've lost your individuality
Your originality.
You can't think outside the box
But just talk out of fear.
Mouthing the words.
Repeating ideas as ritual.
It's okay,
You'll be taken first,
It won't hurt too long.
You've already been taken.

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