Saturday, October 12, 2013

Karvan Sara Lunch, Baku, Azerbaijan

Nancy has become one of my favourite anointed ones.  She is a humble Catholic lady whose heart and service are  amazing. She speaks of her husband and children with love and joy. Her being lights up as she cares for others. I enjoy being with her.  Her spirit is calm.
She has joined with Dr. Ney in the fight for the unborn babies.  Her friend, Angelique is equally kind. She's Dutch and speaks to the heart of matters. The two are friends and together have taken upon themselves the daunting work of pro life in Azerbaijan where state abortion was the normal. Women here  have been forced to have abortions mostly by men.  Now they struggle damaged with loss and grief.
Today we had lunch in Karvan Sara.  It was a unique experience. The sturgeon was incomparable.  Kebabs of lamb, chicken, with cold cuts of tongue, roast beef, cheeses and sauces were thoroughly salivatingly delicious.  We talked of silly things and serious things. It had been a week of intense work and service.  Dr. Opah from the Phillipines and Dr. Ney spoke to the international work of Hope Alive.  Developing counsellors to address the consequences of abortion. Healing words and practice.  We shared talk of our homes and local events. The old president is the new president.
On the walls were famous Azerbaijan carpets alongside black and white pictures of yesteryear.  A cat joined us and gravitated to Nancy and Angelique. Go Figure!
We talked of faith and God and Jesus.  It was a unique experience.  Here in this ancient building with the finest of food and the best of comrades.  When we had finished, we bid farewell to Angelique  What a remarkable woman, wife, mother, organizer. Nancy came along with me having agreed to help me buy a carpet, a passion of hers too, here in Azerbaijan where the carpets are known the world over.
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