Saturday, October 12, 2013

Baku, Azerbaijan - More city and conference pictures

I am in Baku, the Old City, staying at the Noah's Ark Hotel, attending the 11th Annual International Hope Alive Counsellors Conference.  The principle focus of the conference which had a public forum at the Catholic Church, has been the abortion epidemic in the world and it's threat to the existence of the human species.
I've been taking picture with mainly my little breast pocket sized impeccable Canon Powershot SX 240 HS 12.1 megapixel or my iPhone 4S.  In addition I brought along my Nikon D5000 with a Sigma 10-20 wide angle lens.  It's the latter I've only taken along on actual outings.
Many of the pictures are from the tour of the Old City we did with the Palace and Maiden Tower.  Others are just out and about. With Dr. Ney I visited the pier and had tea in a lovely cafe alongside the promenade.  On return we passed the famed Opera House.
Having my MacBook Air along I've been downloading and blogging my pictures but forgot the cable that attaches the Nikon to the USB port. Just now I found out that this amazing MacBook Air camera has an SD card reader slot. So these are some of the pictures I found I had taken with the Nikon D5000.
DSC 0072
DSC 0077
DSC 0080
DSC 0083
DSC 0085DSC 0086DSC 0088DSC 0089DSC 0092DSC 0095DSC 0096DSC 0097DSC 0098DSC 0099DSC 0100DSC 0102DSC 0105DSC 0107DSC 0110DSC 0113DSC 0114DSC 0115DSC 0120DSC 0122DSC 0125DSC 0124DSC 0128DSC 0133DSC 0132DSC 0137DSC 0140DSC 0145DSC 0148DSC 0147DSC 0151DSC 0150DSC 0154DSC 0155DSC 0157DSC 0166DSC 0162DSC 0172DSC 0178DSC 0190DSC 0192DSC 0194DSC 0196

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