Monday, October 7, 2013

The Baku Conversation

"In Africa a man's wealth is judged by the number of his children." she said.  She was a tall beautiful woman with dancing eyes telling me how she loves to dance.  And I stood before her impoverished. "My husband only tolerated me at first. I was so foolish when I was younger.  I am the only one in my family who has married and remained married.  I know he loves me now," She says with pride and joy.  She has told me of their children as she scans markets looking for gifts.  "Here I can buy three bags for the price that one would cost me at home, so all three will have a new bag instead of just one."  We had laughed at her tale of going off to the market.  It was like a marvellous tale of a hunt for treasure in a foreign land, first the finding where it was, then the metro and buses and taxi and now the obvious joy in the success of the endeavour.
"The antarctic core sample temperatures tell the tales of cyclic climate change and the C02 rises follows rather than proceeds these changes.  We've always known about the ice ages," he said sipping coffee. His colleague laughed and said, "95% of scientists believe climate change is man made.  I can't get 10 scientists to agree on anything at the university. It's like herding cats.  The selection bias and politics make everything they say meaningless. "
The geneticist said, "They insist on evolution by begging the question with 'mutation' but there's no mutation that has added or improved the genome.  There are many mutations but all lead to death or the likes of down's syndrome.  Clever idea but without proof."
She spoke of her search for a man and frustration with her work.  There'd been promises in her youth but none had fulfilled .Now she questioned her decisions with aging.  She sees that men and children as so important in old age and is writing a book to tell of this.
"Homosexuality is a default position," he said when the physician spoke of the report out of Britain was that 1.5% were homosexual. "I remember when they said it was 10%."  Laughing I added that was the "swing vote'.  It's always been known that the incidence of gays increase when there are no women and the same with lesbians when there are no men."  "What does that say about they're saying they're born that way."  "Genetics is important especially in those who never had attraction to the other sex from childhood. They're the ones 'born' that way.  But I saw many women who having been in very abusive relationships with men, beatten raped, stolen from, have chosen to live with women instead. And men who were similarly abused, denied sex, stolen from, cheated on, betrayed, prefer the company of men."
Over coffee I shared the story of Quebec Canada's  intolerance to religion.
The UN doctor told of his difficulties with finding doctors with high ethics and skills because so many seemed jaded by the politics.  The Muslim doctor was disappointed by abortions occurring in his community.  "We have the highest birth rates and family is so important to our religion. We believe in life. We not like the atheists and secular governments who are so caught up in abortion and wanting euthanasia for the old. We value our old.  But we're seeing this same trend happen as you Christians and Catholics have seen it. Life is reduced to economics."
While cutting an apple  with a paring knife another shared:  "UN's Article 21 frightens me. They want millions killed so that only a few can enjoy their 'man made paradise'.
"So many millions and millions killed. The Chinese love to kill women most but everyone is killing and it's all like the Nazi eugenic program. "  said the elegant and refined mother of two who had earlier told the group of the changing laws in her country, all of which pointed towards death.
"It was 1850 that the second law of thermodynamics was developed, long before Darwin.  The universe is winding down.  It's devolving.  That's another word for 'evil', the imperfection in the machinery that has it wearing out and all of us growing old and dying of disease and age.  I think God's plan was perfection and that's what may be seen in afterlife." said the white bearded man.
"A species is doomed when it is thoroughly obsessed with killing it's own."   For a moment group sat in sadness and silence.
"And those most obsessed with killing always want you to be sacrificed first", she said, sharing the bag of grapes she'd brought to the group.

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