Wednesday, October 23, 2013

CBC - Cancer Broadcasting Company

Last year while Canadian soldiers fought and died in Kundahar, CBC ran a month long anti government campaign trying to convince us that Canadian soldiers were wrong to hand over their prisoners to the local authorities even though this was the 'law' of engagement and NATO.  While this "news' was taking place, so that driving to work prime time or returning from work prime time I got to hear the likes of Anna Marie Tremonte go out of their way to create a 'scandal' in hope of blemishing the government.
I remember when the same was done to Paul Martin.  Both Paul Martin, a liberal Prime Minister, and Steven Harper, a conservative Prime Minister, were fiscally responsible and concerned about jobs and the economy.
Now we've heard day in day out about a 'scandal' of Senate's inappropriate spending when this is de rigour for Bureaucrats and Government the world over. It's called 'perks' and thankfully we're addressing the sordid likes of Duffy who is like other senators embarrassing to the government and their constituents.  But it's not the real 'news'.
The real news is the European Trade Agreement.  This is likely to be the most important economic achievement of the decade and CBC, in it's continued anti government, anti free trade, anti economy, anti jobs for Canadians, privileged, entitled skullduggery gives it a foot note.
CBC has a billion dollar tax payer paid budget.  It has unfair advantage over alternative media.  It's programs are some of the finest and for the sake of the programs, like Vinyl Cafe, Tapestry, Spark, the Debaters, Vinyl Tap, White Coat/Black Art I want to forgive the petty stupid propaganda of it's daily news. The Current is sickening regularly.  I heard a story and look it up only to find it's been given this communist spin or some sentimental twist that simply doesn't match the facts.
Then when things really big happen, like the biggest news of the year, a Euro Canadian trade agreement, it's pushed aside because it would only show that in contrast to the wasteful CBC the government is thinking about Canadians out of work and wanting to ensure a future economic well being.
Listening to the arrogance of CBC news I'd believe that Canada's foremost leaders and ministers aren't the extraordinary men and women they are. I write to these leaders and ask about matters of state and find out that in contrast to what CBC says the government is doing it's job.  The debates in parliament and the bureaucrats that supply the ministers are highly intelligent, impressively informed individuals.
CBC news is hurting Canada and if the only way to save the country from ignorance is to slash the CBC budget then that's a must do.  I'd rather keep the pearls and get rid of the pig shit programming of news.  BBC seems to be able to report stories without the obsessive propagandistic communist jingoism day after day as if the journalists really think they're some kind of Woodwards on every matter.
Canada is one of the greatest countries in the world.  We have all manner of strengths.  When our soldiers are fighting overseas Canadians like me want to hear the news not reporter ignorance.  I was in Italy and the news there reported the location and movement of the troops serving in NATO. The country had a moment of silence for the start of their campaign.  A couple of weeks in the US I heard 'both sides' of the discussion on the news, not a cleverly disguised and sold one sided propaganda pitch masquerading as 'balanced ' reporting.
CBC News needs to grow up. it's fat on daddy tax payer support and continues to bite the hand the feeds.  Our governments are democratically elected. It's not the job of the national government funded media to 'pull down' the government whether it's under fiscally responsible, mature Paul Martin or economically wise and responsible Steven Harper.
I don't want my tax payer money going to CBC news.  i love the CBC programs but when I drive to work and return from work, in the prime time listening, I'm thoroughly tired of hearing anti government propaganda.  Even Mulcair is portrayed by CBC poorly.  The only favourite they seem to have is Troudeau and frankly, I fear, they don't like him for his merits but only because they're smoking up.  It sure sounds like the Currents is stuck in bell bottom pants with daddy issues.  CBC news hates the majority of Canadians, that's for sure, and we pay for this perversion of reporting.
Grow up CBC news.  Or  get out and make your own money. I'm tired of supporting such biased stupidity with my hard earned money.  I'm tired of hearing Canadians insulted.

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