Monday, September 30, 2013

Grouse Hunting with Gilbert

After overnighting at the Pemberton Valley Lodge we picked up breakfast at the Macdonalds.  Gilbert gets excited just seeing the double gold arches. He had a plain sausage paddy which I broke up for him. Of course he was finished his in time to have some of my sausage mc muffin.  He's likes being included. 

It was supposed to be deer hunting with Gilbert but all we saw today were does. No bucks.  Two lovely sets of mother and young deer.  

Gilbert has great eyes and watched the deer intently.  He sees the grouse in the distance as I  do.  I shot four today with the Bolito 20 gauge.

It was raining mostly. Still great views.  We had a lovely hike and stalk and waited some in the bush.  The grouse were all along side the road and came out at noon when the sun came out for a while.  

I'm just real happy Gilbert finds the birds when I shoot them and holds them down till I get there. I found out something I didn't care to know. He likes partridge poop.  Dogs are disgusting but man's best friend.  

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