Sunday, September 29, 2013

Pemberton Valley

Pemberton Valley Lodge remains a luxury dog friendly hotel with swimming pool and hot tub. I've been coming here since it opened. Pemberton was the first place I hunted deer in BC back in 1986-87.  I tented a lot in early years along the Hurley River. I stayed in the very basic Pemberton Hotel a few times in colder months but once the lodge opened I've become an autumn regular.  It's Gilbert's third year too.
We drove up in the dark and headed right out to the backwood. Lots of does on the road but the only buck was running away from me on the road and when I stopped the truck he sped off into the woods.  It's been raining heavy so no grouse out on the roads. I've not been hiking much which is rather lazy of me.  Even now I'm thinking of skipping the evening hunt, getting to bed early so I'll be able to get up early again for the morning hunt. I always love morning hunts because I have all day to deal with any game I shoot.  I don't like field dressing deer in the dark with a flashlight and that's what it's ended up with.  I also don't like shooting bear at night nearly as much as the morning.
There's a hot tub and pool here and great television in this room.  Order in Chinese.  Gilbert's had some time running around in the woods.  It's going to be hard to get up after I go for the hot tub. I've got some paper work along too so can easily justify skipping the night hunt.  That's the only downsize about the Pemberton Valley Lodge. Once I get here I don't want to leave.
I stopped at the Pemberton General Store and bought another cowboy shirt.  I love that store.  Every type of clothing for outdoors and all great brands.  I even got birkenstock alpros, the little rain clogs.  I've been happy with my hiking boots with orthotics but only had my leather canoe shoes along to change into. With this rain and the size of puddles these will work a whole lot better and pass as shoes.  Up by Gold Bridge there was snow in the woods and at the Pemberton General Store they already had a great selection of flannel shirts.
Of course I had to stop in at the Spud Valley Sporting Goods Ltd (  Today I just picked up a couple of the new combination style trigger locks. I've lost the keys to my other trigger locks so like these. Even while I was there another hunter came in looking for a tool to get his trigger lock off, having forgotten his key.  The combination locks are the trick so long as you don't forget the combination.  One time I was there, Brad's wife was near due and now they've another child.  Brad's started doing more fishing guiding under the business name "Pemberton Fishfinder".  (  Can't think of a better guy to go fishing with or have as a guide.  He told me they're doing ice fishing in December so I might do that. Haven't ice fished since I did it with my brother and father in Manitoba.  I've not been downhill skiing this last decade but still cross country ski so am thinking Pemberton would be the place to come as a break in winter. I've been horse back riding at Mount Curie but see there's a whole lot more horseback riding in the valley with more dude ranches and tourist attractions. The town is really catering to the back woods tourists with lots of backwoods biking on the trails.
Well I hope I get a deer in the morning and the sun comes out so Gilbert gets some grouse. With the medical conference last week it made for a long week, even though attending courses all day was different from my regular work. I had to work in the evenings and I'm now preparing this presentation so more scientific papers to read and writing to follow. I'll have to brush up on Power Point.
I've been listening to Exit Ghost, the truly brilliant audio novel by Phillip Roth.  As a New York city piece of intellectualism and extraordinary character and city descriptions its been as captivating auditorily as the Pemberton Valley has been visually.  Quite the juxtaposition of extremely different landscapes.  Coupled with that have been all these does showing up and driving poor Gilbert mad as I don't let him out to chase them and all he can do is stare.
Gilbert is a great companion even if he can't discuss the genius of Phillip Roth with me.
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