Sunday, September 8, 2013

Recovery 2013 Vancouver

Recovery Day 2013 was held at the downtown Vancouver Art Gallery. Some 30 plus organizations had joined to have booths in the tents assembled.  David Berner opened the Recovery Day event.  Many individuals shared the highlights of their personal stories of recovery from drugs and alcohol.  Some 1500 years of recovery were recorded for those who volunteered the information.
Federal MP, John Weston, of West Vancouver - Sunshine Coast, a father and husband, who makes healthy lifestyle for everyone his mandate, just bicycled to Whistler himself before sharing here about the initiatives for recovery he's making in Ottawa.  Recovery Day, started locally, is now a national event occurring in many cities across the country.
John Weston and others lead the march for recovery that circled the Art Gallery.  Various entertainer shared their songs and music while more individuals took the mike to express their gratitude for recovery.
Darryl Plecas, MLA for Abbotsford, former Professor of Criminology and long a friend of Recovery, read the proclamation of the Leutenant Governor of British Columbia, declaring Sept. 8, 2013  Recovery Day for British Columbia.  Chuck Doucette one of the Board of the Drug Prevention Network handed me a button that said "I support Recovery and I vote".  I was proud to wear that. The ODD Squad was present filming the event.
David Berner invited all who wanted, to form a circle holding hands, to share the Serenity Prayer. The circle covered half the city block. That was  truly spiritual moment.  Those present had been in 12 step programs, others. supporters and workers, while many had just wandered in to hear the music. Yet here was everyone together celebrating abstinence from drugs and alcohol, and the new freedom and integrity  and self respect that followed.
Ann Marie McCullough thanked all who participated.  Hand clapping, heart warming ,Sweet Soul Gospel Choir closed out the afternoon.  Applause resounded throughout the day and at the end everyone was invited back next year.

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