Friday, September 27, 2013

The Foreigner

I laughed and laughed and laughed some more. I couldn't hear myself laughing because everyone in the packed audience was laughing right along with me. The only surprise was that the actors weren't laughing.  Deadpan comedy, slapstick and very witty repartee.  Every form of humour known seemed to play across the stage.  And I loved it!
Evan Frayne directs the Larry Shue play, The Foreigner,
 at the Pacific Theatre, 1440 West 12th Avenue at Hemlock, Vancouver. John Voth plays Charlie, the shy and boring friend of his hale merry soldier friend, Froggy, played by Ryan Scamstad.  Charlie accompanies Froggy to America where he stays the weekend with Betty played by Erla Fay Forsyth.  At this home, David, played by Mark Gordon, a minister, and his fiancee, the heiress, Catherine, played by Kaitlin Williams, are staying as well.  Ellard, played by Peter Callone, is the 'slow' brother of Kaitlin.  Owen, played by Byron Noble, is the dubious 'friend' of the minister.   These are the characters who the actors make come alive.
To tell the plot would be a spoiler but it begins with Froggy telling Betty that Charlie is a 'foreigner' who can't speak English.  From this Charlie learns secrets and schemes and enchantments.  The twists and turns are a marvel to behold. The writer's mind must be a thing of rare beauty to have come up with this genius which the director and actors have mined as gold.
Great set, great props, great special effects. All round a fabulous evening. Thank you Pacific Theatre!

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