Tuesday, September 17, 2013

North Shore Journal

I came across the Ironworkers Bridge and the clouds were magnificent. Great billowing swaths of cloud rising high in the sky while simultaneously blanketting the valley between. The north shore mountain peaks were exposed. Glancing to the right I saw that the sky over English Bay clear,a dusky blue colour, with night approaching.

Hardly had I filled my Mazda Miata with gas at the local station when I looked up and saw a ribbon of pink edging the clouds to the west. I'd thought to go fishing but night was falling earlier. Pink salmon are running in the rivers and I've yet to get my line in the water.

Gilbert has been beside me on his seat with his head happily outside the window. I've had the top down enjoying the wind myself with heated seat and heater fan on.

Outside the gas station I notice and NYPD cop car and gather they must be filming nearby. Sometimes there are army trucks there as well, without designation for Canadian, making them interchangeable movie prop material.

"If you truly expressing your faith as a Christian, you will be persecuted, "she said. "The psalms all begin with flowery language but end with protect us from enemies."

I am praying more and meditating and feeling closer to God at such times. I'm also less overworked, having taken more time off to be in the woods. There
is so much less stress when my work week is only 40 or 50 hours. Hunting season and summer conferences have meant more days off. It's satisfying and I realize I could easily adjust to a government or union job. The pace would be welcome though I am really enjoying my office these days. Gilbert is a jolly companion.

I can't get the image of him leaping an olympic dog leap into the air to catch the in flight grouse by the butt with his teeth. When he landed he had his little legs on each wing while holding on and looking to me for help. It was the biggest ruffed grouse I'd shot, as big as the blue grouse I'd shot high in the mountains.

Now that I've been targetted by the marijuania lobby I'm frightened again. It was this group of organized pot heads that killed Stuart when I wouldn't pass their dirty urines so they could get high paid safety sensitive jobs. That's the tragedy of pot, they only thought of themselves and not of the 50% increase in accidents associated with pot smoking. Now I'm again speaking out against the legalization of marijuana only to be attacked indirectly, as always.

Like the pot smoking pilot who complained that I had a Bible when asked by their employer if they were using substances, they'd signed the release of information, they'd been impaired at work, but they figured if they destroyed me they'd somehow get to smoke dope and put everyone else at risk.

I asked some 50 or more pot smokers if they wanted their pilot to be smoking dope and they unanimously said no. Yet they thought they were personally
'immune' to the effects of marijuana on them, the Trojan horse of addiction rewiring their mental circuits to blind them from reality. I know.

Gilbert is being petted by everyone who leaves this Star bucks. Just now 4 RCMP officers departed from their coffee meeting and all petted Gilbert. A man and woman going in had just finished stroking his fluffy fur. He's happy to love.

Stuart was a character. A white scotty with a terrier defensiveness. They're bread to dive down varmint holes digging with their amazingly powerful forepaws. People shove their faces and hands at dogs and Gilbert doesn't mind but Stuart growled liking his space, a Scotty. He was his own man. A little fearless warrior in a small dogs body. He scattered three big racoons that came down the dock at me. It was hard burying his body in the corral soil. I couldn't imagine soldiers having to did in here. At least he was buried among heroes.

I read that when women were in combat zones at risk, the violence of men was unsurpassed. Men became feral. Interesting that the Israelis saw this in 1948 so have kept women out of hand to hand combat zones while America is now gearing up to put women in the Navy Seals and Marine combat troops. Apparently the fantasy of hollywood is being accepted as real.

Listening to CBC the Syrian chemical weapons attacks has been defused by Russian and Syrian offer to accept inspectors and such. I wonder if Obama wasn't just acting tough for the votes with this 'alternative' prepared beforehand to make him look like he was for war but acquiesced as a stateman to the opinion of the people. I keep thinking these 'drama' are the product of back room deals like I think of empire as a big Walmart with various countries like Iraq representing ladies lingerie and Saddam not following the Walmart CEO decisions. Each department has to fall in line.
It's obvious that WWI was the end of the 'great game' and WWII the end of nationalisms. Since then its been about department stores and product sales with even China capitalizing on clothing and house hood goods. Everyone sells weapons and foods. What 'metaphor' explains the present day depends on the age of the person. Gen Y think in computer terms where as I'm old fathioned enough to think of dance, theatre and Walmart.

Global Warming was scorched in Nature magazine which reminded me that it was only a few years ago that if you'd questioned Freud you couldn't get a position in psychiatry. Then it was evolution and genetics, followed by global warming. If I'd ever had an interest in academic leadership I'd have long ago devised a model that showed that Desert Spring was caused by Global Warming creating Hot Heads.

I worry about cynicism listening to the news. But then I remember that the limitting factor is the dumbing down by media which projects to the masses at the level of high school education. Only the Economist analysis gets to a college level 'take', I haven't been reading the Economist recently.

When I wrote the MP's in Ottawa and asked them what they thought about matters I got back these amazing research articles showing they were literally fully versed on matters and quite brilliant. The beaurocratic leaders in government were the top political science researchers and experts in any field brought in to brief these men with genius that simply never is shown in city media. I, for one, read Scientific American and Nature. I listen to Brian Goldman's White Coats Black Arts on CBC and Quarks but these are programs set at the level of PBS music reviews. They're not news reporting. That's as likely to be stupid,

The media gives us a 'comic' and not what is really going on with Obama or any world leaders. Reading about WWII I learn about Turing who literally invented the computer, saved the free world and couldn't be spoken of because he'd cracked the German and Japanese code and was a homosexual. Winston Churchill knew far more than he was saying. Reading history allows me to consider that likely there's a far greater agenda going on than even 9-11 conspiracy thinkers could conceive. Who would have guessed about Turing. Who would have guessed when I was ditching my slide rule that today I'd be sitting at this coffeeshop typing on a tablet with more computing power than my medical school computer had. I have the libraries of the world at my finger tips and can send this to a blog where the CIA and presumably the KGB can rapidly sift through it and decide whetherr I should be allowed to live.

I'm a friend. Really. I'm Canadian. We're nice people when we're not on drugs.

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