Saturday, September 7, 2013

Londsdale Quay boating

One of the reasons I bought my AB hard bottomed inflatable  was to go shopping by boat. With the Honda engine I can scoot anywhere in Coal Harbour.  Last time I was out fishing I found  out that there is indeed a public dock for temporary moorage.  Today after a 5 to 10 minutes sprint across the water I did just that.  Lots of activities were going on at the wharf, a fitness event with the North Vancouver Fire Department. The farmer's market which goes from 10 to 3 pm was happening on the Quay.  Gilbert loved the outiing.  Going for a walk is almost as much fun as fetching yellow tennis  balls.  I 'd been reading a Lustbader's Father Night thriller in the morning after a bit of ball throwing. It's been nice to 'hang out' on the boat and just relax.  I tied Gilbert up outside for a moment while I quickly did a turn of the market. Normally I'd buy fish from the fresh fish vendor here, bread from the bakery or soup. However I'd been to the fabulous East Vancouver Bakery day before and had stopped at the market earlier in the week.  I   There's the Scottish shop upstairs and the neat little luggage place. But fact is I didn't need anything so It was just a peek before I was back picking up Gilbert.  I almost had coffee. It's a great place to do that but I figured i had better coffee on the big boat and I'd rather get back. I'd done what I set out to do.  I didn't need anything from the Quay or even at the foot of Lonsdale. A block up the hill was a favourite marina and also a fishing store.  The DVD store was far to far up to the hill to walk but it was nice to know that if I wanted to I could come over by boat and hike up to all these places I normally visit  by car.  With one little boat trip I'd expanded my potential for getting about.
Gilbert jumped back into the boat where I put on his life jacket. Then off we whizzed back to the GIRI where Lustbader, coffee, fresh bread and montreal smoked meat waited.  Coal harbour was beautiful with the sunshine and blue sky.  There been cloud but it hasn't stayed.  I love looking at the skyline of downtown Vancouver from the north shore. It's been a glorious summer.  IMG 3614
IMG 3613
IMG 3618
IMG 3619


Randy Apps said...

I'm glad you tried out the wharf there, nothing ventured nothing gained.

It sound's like you will be using the market and the entertainment more often.

Val M said...

Hi - I started out looking for the article that you told me you wrote regarding Therapeutic Touch when I saw you last week, but I found your blog about your boat instead. Sounds like you had a perfect day :)
p.s. Gilbert is awesome
Val M.