Saturday, August 11, 2012

Journal - August 11, 2012

It's a sunny Saturday in Vancouver. I'm thankful for the weather being so fine. Yet here I am having slept late with Gilbert having gone back to sleep and no plans. That's good in a way. My life is so often programmed by work, plans and committments I lose my sense of freedom and purpose. On the other hand I've this expanse of a day like a writer's sheet of paper. Such a responsibility! Such an obligation! How best to use this incredible resource of time to God's glory and for my fun. Silly but fun is what's most needed to offset the so often grim aspects of work.
Gratitude lists are a good way to start a perfect day. Thank you Lord for the sunshine. Thank you for life. Thank you for Gilbert. Thank you for the boat and car and work. Thank you for friends and people who I am acquainted with. Thank you for the air we breathe. Thank you for the colours. Thank you for the bright yellows and blues. Thank you for our leaders. Thank you for those who are creative. Thank you for the Mars Rover, Curiosity. Thank you for the Space Program. Thank you for hunting and fishing. Thank you for my father. Especially thank you for my family. Thank you for sobriety. Thank you for the peace of mind I have known in greater proportion. Thank you for the books I read and the authors. Thank you for your son Jesus, the prophets and the saints. Thank you for kindness and generosity, honesty and truth, justice and joy. Thank you for this day, Lord. May it be a good day!

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