Friday, August 31, 2012

Blue Moon Weekend

This annual bowhuntfell on a Blue Moon weekend. Fitting, as it is always a rare and wonderful time with only one deer shot years ago with bow. Many deer, shot later in the years with rifle, have graced the table but mostly this weekend is a hot sunny walk in the woods with the dog or a zip around on the country on ATV or off road motorcycle. It's the autumn weather and the beginning of hunting season that are rich in promise.

Laura and I are on our 7th year doing this. It's Gilbert's third and I hazard to say about 20 or so for me.

This year we came up the Coquihala after fueling as usual at the Husky in Chilliwack, towing the Rockwood Mini Lite Trailer, this time with the Clipper Canoe on top of the Ford 350 diesel Harley Davidson Edition truck. I had hated the wind coming down this high mountain road last year after Sturges North Rock Festival and Motorcycle Rally, but going up it, even with the canoe on top, wasn't a chore at all.

We're here in Merritt. The Blue Moon is high above the RV. I've barbecued the IGA steaks and Laura has the potatoes boiled for topping with butter and sour cream. Really roughing it here with electricity, running water, heat and hot water. RV living is a wilderness experience. Tomorrow I'll take the canoe, Gilbert and the bow, leaving Laura with her fashion magazines and cute little home she really adores.

Because of the RV site and night , I've got Cat Steven's song, "I've been followed by a Moonshadow" running around in my head. Not a bad song to have living free in one's brain. On the way up we enjoyed Matt Maher's music. We heard him live at the Third Day concert in Langley last spring and now so love his uplifting music.

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