Tuesday, August 28, 2012

You are with me

You are with me
I need not be afraid
You are beside me
I need not be angry

I will resist my impulse to hurt
Yet another day
I know that beasts crawl
But I will walk
Because you are within me
And have set an example
I cannot humanly follow

As I want to run away
From bad news and stupidity
I know I need not run
Because you are always here

I feel my life a failure
In face of the facts
Of the same soul sickness
Kierkegaard described in his day
And it is tomorrow
And we are still in yesterday

The courts and politics
Of medieval times prevail
While we put men in space stations
And explore the region nearest the sun
The source of global warming

Our media is so much gossip
And lies, selling stolen naked pictures
And calling it news
Yet I will not despair
Because you are with me

Please today be close around
In and through, under and above
Every part of me and help me
Hear your wee small voice
And see your reflection in every face
For it is only fear I fear
And hate is only fear in masquerade

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