Sunday, August 5, 2012

Walt Disney World -Marketplace - Orlando

I attended a medical conference at the Hilton Hotel Buena Drive Vista Orlando Florida. The Hilton was an excellent venue and the conference a great success.  There were approximately a thousand attending the International Doctors in AA and it seemed most brought children and grand children because of the proximity to Disney World.  This was truly a kids wonderland.  While others arrived early and left late I only was there on a tight schedule specifically to  attend the conference. I was however able to walk down the street to Disney world Marketplace and Downtown. Later I'd enjoy the Epcott Centre. My colleagues with children seemed to have gone to every one of the major 4 'worlds' , favourites being Magic Kingdom and Animal World. In the Market it was truly a child's merchandising opportunity. No kid with an allowance was likely to get out without future debts against their college funds.  The Princess Beauty Parlour was clearly a favourite. I bought tshirts at Harley Davidson.  and a gospel cd at House of Blues and a scarf at the elegant La Circle d Solleil gift shop definitely shopping spots geared more for adults than the Mickey and Minnie set.IMG 1317IMG 1325IMG 1321IMG 1319IMG 1318IMG 1322IMG 1320IMG 1323

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