Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tears on your Pillow

You were crying in your sleep again
Tears on your pillow
Memories of earlier life
Loudness, lies, threats, violence, alcohol
You were protecting little ones

The sleeping dogs hind legs kicking
Chasing rabbits or cats or ball
Little dog face serene

I woke in sweat again myself
Remembering fights with chains, knives, brass knuckles,
Ignorant skinheads calling me 'faggot' and 'long hair'
Their blood on my fists
Their faces pulverized to mush
Ambulances taking them away
Standing as a teen ager asking 'why'
No one wins this way

Later dragged and cuffed between uniforms
On our way to the peace festival
Men with clubs and power abused

Later as a physician
Still facing threats, guns, name calling, abuse of power
Still knowing it is easier to break than to heal
Boys destroy, men create
The real challenges lie in peace not war
Even as the man destroys
The woman creates

I push the hair away from your wet forehead
Caress your back till you quiet once again

The dogs back legs are no longer kicking
His face is even more serene

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