Thursday, August 23, 2012

Prince Harry is not Normal

I read in the BBC that an American anthropologist had declared Prince Harry drunken nude behaviour "normal". I'm sure this is true and it reflects the reason for many parents wanting the universities to remove bars from their grounds, the very reason for MADD, and an increasing desire for more honesty in advertising as it pertains to alcohol. The Royal Family suffered a tragedy with the alcoholism of Lady Di and the perversion of the then papparazzi so I'm sure it's a serious concern to Queen Elizabeth whose reign has been the epitome of clear mindedness.
The difficulty is that Prince Harry isn't supposed to be "normal' and clearly has demonstrated himself to date to be an above normal human being. He's truly remarkable in every way. By all accounts his intelligence is exceptional as is his kindnes, personality and consideration of others. He's thoroughly admired in the military and has demonstrated himself to be the finest of characters.
Alcohol is called the 'great eraser' simply because it takes away the higher levels of function and leaves the more animalistic and lizard like aspect of the brain in tact to the last. So, of course 'bad' behaviour, product of a 'sick' brain, is normal when one is drinking just as 'bad' driving while drun is as well. I suspect that alcohol explains why Prince Harry's billiard game was wanting and he was undressed as a consequence of 'strip billiards'. His father Prince Charles behaviour was never improved with excessive alcohol because like Prince Harry, Prince Charles is human. Alcohol doesn't care if one's blood is red or blue.
So lots of young men and women in their 20's are binge drinking these days as shown by the profusion of 'alcohol treatment centers' in Hollywood. Perhaps if more youth attended "finishing schools" with appropriate drug and alcohol prevention programs this would not be the case.
Prince Harry is an above normal human who has like the best before him been brought low by alcohol which respects none.
If Prince Charles could survive this age there's no doubt that Prince Harry will prevail. The Royal Family is luckiest to have Queen Elizabeth who is clearly 'not amused'.
Yet what concerns me most is not the drunkeness or nudity as they go hand in hand and young women and men, especially those in high risk industries like the military, will forever be the envy of the gossips, especially the white hairs, who have lead such disturbingly boring lives that they take a rather unwholesome interest in Prince Harry, truly one of our finest young men. More so I am concerned about the paparrazi and the one who took the photo and distributed it. Clearly that individual or individuals did so because Prince Harry was physically and socially their superior in every detail.
Privacy is a concern where such darkness is meant to conceal devilish politics that serve a demonic few at the cost of many. Ironically at this very moment Julian Assange is being persecuted for such expose however I would be personally much more impressed with a government that put one thousandth of its resources to the capture and severe prosecution of the abnormal pervert that took these pictures and the psychopaths who distributed them for profit. Those individuals are clearly 'abnormal' and their perverse interest in the privates of the Royals is far worse than anything that Julian Assange has ever been accused of in his attempt to uncover the unholy 'cover ups' that plague world affairs.

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