Friday, August 17, 2012

Yanmar 3GM30F Starter and Yachting

I woke this morning anchored off Jericho Beach, English Bay. Vancouver looked beautiful in the clear blue sky with sun shining and calm sea. I started the engine. Awful sound. Just an awful sound. I woke the sleeping beauty blond and asked her to press the starter while I looked at the engine. Awful sound. Nothing happening. It sure sounded like the Starter was hooped.

I phoned Jim Giesbrecht. He's a major asset to my SV Giri.  (Jim's Marine Electric)

"Jim, listen to my engine. Nothing else is happening." I held my cell phone closer to the engine.

"Sounds like the starter. "

"Would you have any time to fix it?"

"I have to come into Vancouver so I could pick it up from you and get a replacement part. Do you think you can take it out yourself."

"Sure thing."

I'd just fixed my downrigger that morning. I was all set to catch a salmon as I headed over to Salt Spring Island. So I'd been rummaging about for tools. Now I rummaged some more. Looked in the spare part bin, remembering I'd got a spare starter when I'd gone offshore. Found that.

Couldn't find the 14 mm wrench I needed. Couldn't wrench the second nut off. Found the socket wrench. One handle didn't fit in the small place. Engine bit a knuckle. It's got to happen. A necessary blooding for the god of engine. Dispell the demon. I got the second nut out.

Taking off the wires I got a very impressive arc. Turned off the battery then. Took the cables and wires off.

"Jim I've got a spare starter looks just like the other one. The housing cap on the old one looks broken."

"Can you do it yourself."

"I could in an emergency but I've not replaced a starter and would appreciate your assistance if it's not too inconvenient."

"I'm at Stem to Stern and they don't have your modell. Good you have a spare. They'd have to order one in. They say the housing often breaks on that. I'll be another hour before I get there."

So I then set about getting the dinghy in the water. I'd made the mistake of taking the boat keys off the boat when I was flying south for a conference. They were now still at Laura's place.

That meant I had to use the 'spare' set of keys. I got the bolt cutters out and cut the chain holding the dinghy to the deck , then cut the lock holding the motor to the railing. I don't know why I bother with keys. The bolt cutters work so well.

It's already hot. Carrying the Yamaha 4 hp outboard motor across the boat and lifting it over the sailboat side, balancing in the dinghy while i swung it around to attach to the transom is a major chore for the old man back. Starting the dinghy motor then took the last ounce of energy out of me. I've sweated 2 pints already. Being a desk jockey does't keep one in shape for this sort of boat maintenance.

Now I'm waiting for Jim off Jericho Beach. It's a beautiful view. God yachting is such a relaxing past time.


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