Sunday, August 12, 2012


Last week my MacAir was stolen from the methadone maintenance clinic in the Downtown Eastside. It carries a heavy karmic price stealing from a doctor. My dog was there but I guess he knew the person or wisely, being a little guy, chose not to object. What does he care about technology. It wasn't a bone or a ball that was being stolen.

I looked into replacing the MacAir but there's been no real developments since I bought it a couple of years back. It had essentially replaced the ipad 1 I'd bought the year before. I really liked the IPad but the keyboard add on was a heavy as it was. The MacAir was lighter than both together. I'm often hauling these devices about with me so am really conscious of the weight. This new Ipad 3 is lighter than those before and Zagg has made a Zagfolio for the Ipad. It's a really fine keyboard and a cover for the machine combined.

So I'll pass on old IPAD and this new Ipad will replace the functions that the MacAir was doing, mostly email and blogging as well as on line searching. I do a lot of work from home so this computer served that purpose but I didn't keep files on this computer, just research and emails.

The camera feature is great for skype. All round this IPAD 3 is ahead of the one before. I think there should be an airbrush feature on the skype and photo functions though. Now I'll try Netflix to see if the picture is that much sharper. It seems a brighter clearer screen with better resolution. Supposedly what the "iris" feature is all about as well. I'm not happy that my McAir was stolen. It's a terrible violation. Theft in Vancouver is as common as bedbugs though so it's the price we pay for the beautiful views. Right now Vancouver is sensational.

The Apple Store in downtown Pacific Center on Georgia was a delight. The kids had me up and running with everything transferred from one ipad to another. Telus downstairs had me running with a new plan with flexible data for streaming. It was a relatively pain free experience. I think this system may be better than the McAir. I'm connected to Cloud so will see how bringing in pictures works with that.

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Anonymous said...

well, I had my sony stolen which took pics for vancouuver sun, Province, and CBC

someone once said replace it and if you can't forget it