Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summer Dream Reading Festival - CAA

I received emails last week from the Canadian Author's Association telling me about this weekend extravaganza, "Summer Dream Reading Festival" at Trout Lake. Whose who and everyone whose ever written prose, poetry or jibberish was going to be there. Definitely a premiere authors and poet's event of Vancouver, British Columbia, Western Canada and the United States.
Joanne at work reminded me on Friday. My friend, Laura, whose 5th grandchild was distractingly clamouring to leave her mother's belly to attend, told me Saturday "Margaret and Bob are reading at 2 pm".
I'd not been to Trout Lake. The Trout Lake Market is already a global event which brings cars, trucks, motorcycles and prams from all over the North American continent. The "Summer Dream Reading Festival" added to that. There was no parking before Squamish north and White Rock south. Gilbert, the dog, loved the hike from the car to the park.
Bernie Lever, poet extraordinaire, told me later there was all kinds of parking a hop skip and jump away, on the Nanaimo side, away from the Market. The "food for the belly" folk apparently got in close so they could waddle back to their cars and left the parking nearer the reading area for the 'food for the mind and soul' folk.
Personally, I was more impressed by the gigantic UFO hovering over the event broadcasting subsonically, "There is intelligent life on earth. It's very creative too!"
I was sitting at the Granville Stage listening to a woman reciting children's poetry when I heard Bob Mackay's unforgettable voice. Writer of the award winning "Soldier of the Horse" he was at the Main stage.. I scurried over to the Main Stage recognising poet Jean Kay's coifed white hair anywhere. Jean's poetry is highly inspirational and oftimes very amusing.
Margaret Anne Hume was on stage reading a delightful passage from "My Life, Adventures of an RCAF Flying Officer, Eaton's Manager and Family Man" written with and by her father, Albert Mair MacLean.
Barbara Mumford was manning the Canadian Author's Association table which displayed the wealth of Mumford writings from travels around the world as well as books by a dozen other CAA authors. Poet Lilija Valis was present in fine form with her recent book, Freedom on the Fault Line.
Anita Meittune, our very own Vancouver CAA writer's circle coordinator waxed poetic about writing circles, only to have a circle of authors surround her to listen as a girl with fairy wings magically rode by on a bicycle towing a folded throne.
Gilbert, my cockapoo presented his poetry for me. A real scoop! I was glad to archive it at first opportunity so bid adieu.

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