Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sears Closing Sale

The girl told me that Sears was closing in October. The downtown Vancouver Pacific Centre Store on the corner of Georgia and Howe is having the most amazing third off and half price sales. All kinds of merchandise are already gone while other areas of the store are flocked with folk.
I just happened in and found to my amazement that a sale was on. Nordstrom's will be replacing Sears.
I was raised on Sears and Hudson's Bay in Winnipeg. The Sears Catalogue was a household word. The latest in fashion was always to be found there whereas the more functional clothing could be found in Hudson's Bay. Sears was definitely Eastern where as Hudson's Bay was northern. I bought my parkas from Hudson's Bay and my dress suits from Sears.
These last few years I've enjoyed a Sears Card and most recently bought house warming gifts there. My own last shopping were the high Egyptian thread count sheets and pillow cases on sale. I'm enjoying those.
But I'll miss Sears. It's been a land mark and emblematic of growing up in Canada.

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