Monday, August 27, 2012

Dusk Prayer

Thank you for this day, Lord
Thank you for all I have completed
Just by being there and here
Thank you for letting me be a part
Of your dance of creation
Thank you for your incredible choreography
For me and of those all around me

Thank you for all the choices
The freedom and autonomy
For all the help from others
For all the work of team and community
For the laughter, and the tears
Thank you for family, friends and work
Thank you for government and courts today
For vehicles and roads
For health and spirit, hospital and church
And school and for Gilbert , my cockapoo

The sunshine today was magnificent
Thank you for peace and bird song
Thank you for the knowledge I learned
All the little bits of mystery and intrigue
Thank you for this "bit" part
In your play, Lord.
You are the producer and director, Lord
But best of all thank you for letting me be
The kazoo in your symphony.

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