Thursday, August 16, 2012

Journal - Aug 16, 2012

Thank you Lord for this sunny day. Thank you for clean air and blue sky. Thank you for Gilbert whose fascination with 'ball' and 'fetch' reigns eternal. Thank you for his curiosity that so entertains me. This morning it was the seagulls. One indignant and one quite not understanding why any living creature wouldn't like it's butt sniffed.

Thank you for this boat with all it's memories of journeys and adventures. Thank you for the technology and repairs that have shown me the history of man's development from the water tightness to solar panels. Thank you for allowing me to be part of such an extraordinary time of history. I am touched to have seen the first Sputnik, watched the first satellites appear in the sky at night, see men on the moon on television and now watch pictures of Rover Curiosity on Mars. Thank you too for India's plan to next year launch an unnmanned satellite to Mars as well. Thank you for economic recovery. Thank you for my work and the work of others.

Thank you for my father. Thank you for years that mother was here and I pray to her in heaven. Thank you for my family. Let me ever enjoy the maturing drama of the young men and may I know the whole range of cousins better. I would travel to see those distant ones but thank you for them and all their worldly successes. Thank you for loved ones everywhere.

Thank you for the saints and geniuses. Thank you for the peace keepers. Thank you for the police and politicians and governments that bring order from chaos and manage men's lives and women's lives.

Thank you for the seas and the mountains. Thank you for these legs that still allow me to hike and climb. Thank you for the eyes that give me sight. Thank you for my touch and those I may touch. Thank you for the cool breeze this morning over the water bringing a fresh smell of sea air.

Thank you for laughter. Thank you for the good humor of co workers. Thank you for the white laughter and black laughter. Thank you for the kindness and calmness and serenity. Thank you for my Thursday friends. Thank you for the clinic and the office. Thank you for my education, my training, my skills and my experience. Thank you for my colleagues. Thank you for the libraries and the collected learning of the ages.

Thank you for my conscience and morality and ethics. Thank you for their guidance. Thank you for your son Jesus. Thank you for the Bible and all the teaching of sages and saints through the ages. Thank you for the Golden Rule. Thank you for the laws of spiritual life and the laws of the physics.

Thank you for our relationship, God. Thank you for showing me over and over again your love and greatness. Help me to know you more and be of more service to you.

Thank you for coffee. Thank you for yoghurt. Thank you for bananas and toast and peanut butter and butter. Thank you for my car, truck, and motorcycle. Thank you for the mechanics and insurance people. Thank you for soap and showers and indoor plumbing. Thank for heat and fans and air conditioning and computers, radio and tv. Thank you for Third Day and Sarah McLaughlan. Thank you for Gordon Lightfoot and Leonard Cohen. Thank you for all the entertainers that have uplifted as Bach of all most uplifts me. Thank you for Handel.

Thank you for over the shoulder bags and tables and ipads and iphones and communication networks and hubs and news and jets and all the people who make the global and local industry work. Thank you for the honest bankers and devoted CEO's. Thank you for the leadership of the great men of today who like those great men of yesterday were often not appreciated until long after they were dead and buried. Help us to show appreciation in the life time of those who deserve our respect most.

Thank God for those men and women who catch, imprison and reform drug dealers. Thank God for all who stop pedophiles from their abuse of children. Thank those who care for women, children and old people. Thank you for the Canadian Veterans Affairs that has helped the soldiers who have helped us be the free and great nation we are today. Thank you God for freedom and liberty. Thank you for human rights and civil liberties.

Thank you for International Doctors in AA and the Christian Medical and Dental Society. Thank you for St. James Anglican Church and those who serve there. Thank you for the ability to lift my eyes towards heaven, to give thanks and sing praise. Thank you for the inner world of thought and the quiet spirituality of meditation. Thank you for prayer. Thank you for writing. Thank you for ideas that are good and pure. Thank you for music.

Thank you for all the women and men I have loved. Thank you for all the friends I have played with. Thank you for the teams I was on and the games and the sports. Thank you for fellowship. Thank you for the friends from those forgotten names of children I played marbles with in Toronto to the others we dug together with under the old house, to Kirk and Garth and all the friends and acquaintenances that began with neighbourhoods, kindergardens, and schools to build out to churches, recreational activities, universities, international travel and work. Thank you for the people who befriended me as I bicycled in Canada and later across Europe. Thank you for the men and women of AA and NA who met me when I sailed across the Pacific to Hawaii. Thank you for the men and women of the church who met with me in Hong Kong. Thank you for the incredible friends of Saipan. Thank you for all the men and women I knew when I worked in northern Canada. Thank you for polar bears and seals.

Thank you for people, Lord. Thank you for diversity. Thank you for the capacity to appreciate the similiar and love as well the strange. Thank you for your command, Jesus, Do Not Be Afraid. Help me to love today and not hate. Help me to follow in the path of St. Francis. Help me to be like you Lord. Help me to ever give thanks.

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