Monday, August 20, 2012

Fundamental Theological Beliefs

I believe I am not alone. I believe in a God which has been given many names over the years by many people. I believe the differences are not in the God but in the development and perspective of the people referring to this 'other' as God.

The following names are the ones I prefer to call this God. Yahweh, Creator, Lord, Father, Mother, Higher Power, Jesus.

I believe the Bible is the story of the man's relationship with this God first as the representative tribal experience of the Jews until the birth of the Son of God, Jesus Christ. Jesus taught that he was the son of God and that we were the children of God. I believe this fundamental familial relationship exists though it is hard for me to maintain this belief when I am afraid or angry. Jesus said "Do not be afraid". I consider fear as often as not my enemy. Sometimes fear is a friend. Anger is mostly an enemy.

I believe that God is loving. I believe in the Trinity, Father, Child and Mother Holy Spirit. I believe the Holy Bible is the sacred text. I believe other sacred texts exist and have become sacred as both a gift of grace and by the study of spiritual followers. I believe St. Paul spoke truly when he said that now 'we see as through a glass darkly". This existence has a 'cloud of unknowing'. Truth lies in 'insights' and in the human heart. Outer reality is not so deep as the 'collective unconscious' or what can be called the 'soul' that which connects us to God who relates to us individually as we relate to Him.

I believe that all roads lead home and that death is a rebirth to another dimension, life or heaven, hell or purgatory. I believe that hell is not 'eternal' but rather at most for a 'long time'. I believe that a loving God will wait for all his children to come home. Hell is a 'choice' and a 'state of mind' and a 'place' but that place is solely one's 'turning one's back on God' and preferring one's own shadow to the light of God. Humility is acceptance of divinity in the duality and that that divinity is not 'me' but 'Thou'.

I believe all that we can know, feel and experience is God 'stuff' as God has made this all from God self. We are all created in the imagination of God and that all is God.

I pray and meditate to know God more fully. Each day I ask that God guide me in my actions and help me. 'Thy Will not My Will be done."

I believe in the Golden Rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." I believe Jesus' command, "Love God and Love your neighbour as yourself." This is also called 'divine retribution' and 'karma'. I believe there is 'temporary evil' and 'everlasting god'.

There is much more that I believe, especially scientifically, but it all begins with God and my relationship with God. I believe in the importance of fellowship in knowing God and this world.

Thank you Jesus for this day. Hallelujah.

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