Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cannibis Addicted Fetus

"It's so sad to hear their wee high pitches cries," when they're born addicted to marijuana, he told me.  They're shaking and go into withdrawal.  He was a pediatrician at a conference I was attending.  We knew smoking was harmful to the fetus. Nicotine is a teratogen but now it was evident that marijuana was causing fetal distress.
Child abuse by drug addiction is a concern with 12 to 24% of mothers using drugs and alcohol in pregnancy.  With marijuana though the 'withdrawal phase' post delivery is particularly unnerving. The babies shake just like opiate withdrawing infants, an obstetrician described.
I am on a plane right now and hope when I've time to investigate this more.  The difficulty I recently had with searching information regarding the increasing dangers to physical and mental health associated with marijuana use was that a very poor small number unsupported outdated research on marijuana was dominating the servers. Clearly there are reputable studies documenting the dangers and risks which are well known to us in the medical community who observe the problems and show more caution than the mercantile business and political interests.  The spam in favour of marijuana simply swamps the google servers so that I am forced to use medical and university sites to find research that is not of the most spurious kind.  Given the influx of pharmaceutical marijuania too there is less interest in the industry which has hopped on board big money marijuana.

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