Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fish Baby

I saw one. Mark had to point him or her out to me. Something to do with my aging eyes. Apparently there may be more. He sees them. He may well be hallucinating regarding seeing more than just the one baby fish. I can collaborate the sole survivor.
I've begun putting prozac into the tank. The Canadian Pediatric Association has ascertained that prozac (generic name fluoxetine) is the safest antidepressant/antianxiety medication and acceptable for use in infant and children populations. The very responsible concerned Lilly Pharmaceutical company has since it's introduction studied even those who were subjected to Prozac unwittingly in utero and later knowingly. The follow up of these individuals has been into their 20's with evidence of long term safety despite in utero exposure.
My baby fish had huge saucer eyes. It's living a life of sheer terror. It's swimming there like a small business surrounded by G8 conglomerate corporations. The Neons tend to form a gang and swim together. They look like a neo fascist military unit caught in an LSD colour experiment. The other fish must appear like Jaws wielding Hindenbergs. Then there are those crustaceans which are clearly extra terrestrial despite their nice earthy name, 'shrimp'. The poor baby fish has entered a psychotic reality that must be as terrifying as a Canadian election discussing political committee. His/her terror is palpable.
The low self esteem from being viewed as 'food' by all other inhabitants is definitely going to require some serious therapy when he/ she gets older. I started to talk to him/her but the eyes got even bigger. I realized his/her perception must be of a this gargantuan teeth showing face emitting reverberating non fish language kettle drum sounds. Without realizing it I made the poor little critter ripe for future fish televangelists.

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