Friday, October 2, 2009

RCMP Publicizes Gun Registry's Private Information
The RCMP released private encoded information of the gun registry to a pollster firm. Names and addresses and phone numbers of gun owners were released to the "priviledged" public under the guise of research. The Public Safety Minister calls this "offensive and innappropriate". The sad part is that as always the government closes the gate after the herd is out. The great fear of responsible gun owners is that their private information will be made available to criminals. Citizens have legal guns. Criminals have illegal guns. One of the sources of their illegal guns is through break and entry and stealing from law abiding gun owners. The RCMP is aiding and abetting criminals through the grossest misuse of the gun registry information that they collected in good faith.
This cavalier thoughtless and contemptible attitude of the new corporate beaurocratic RCMP is beneath contempt. There is a serious lack of accountability in the upper levels of the RCMP.
This is not the first time that government has been shown to consider it's information on the population something to distribute for favours and kudos and for kickbacks of money or later 'tit for tat' rewards. Generally speaking anything that you tell the government will be open to those with money. There is no confidentiality and no privacy with regard to government 'leaks' of information. The beaurocrats simply have no respect for the citizens, are above the law in so many cases and must 'look out for number one'. The information that is given to income tax is widely 'shared' within government.
We once called people "paranoid" who feared their government was spying on them. Today they are sane. The government is spying on the citizen and sharing that information for personal or monetary profit. The reasons it breaches it gives for it's abuses are paper thin disguises of their hidden self serving agendas. Given the increasing disdain of the Canadian beaurocracy and lack of punishment for it's abuses of confidentiality it's no surprise citizens have no belief their government will protect them. Their own interest is the protection of themselves and their 'special friends' who they do favours for.

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